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When a top international assassin murders an influential politician, she comes up against an equally relentless MI5 intelligence analyst who is determined to bring her to justice.
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Killing Eve: Special: Trailer Killing Eve | TVBuzer

Aired: June 14,2018

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I Don't Want to Be Free

The lines are blurring!! After watching Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7 it's becoming less obvious where the line between the good guys and bad guys is drawn. The list of those to trust gets shorter by the minute. From the moment Carolyn appeared wearing the same clothing as the night before, she was no longer trustworthy. Well, maybe she lost her integrity a lot earlier than that. She most likely lost it sometime back in the 1970s when she thought... more

Take Me to the Hole!

Who saw that one coming? On Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6  Konstantin's true purpose in the world was revealed and with it, his relationship with someone very close to Eve's investigation. In fact, all of the information about the investigation could have been coming from the source right into the hands of Konstantin. From Carolyn Martens!! Not even during the dramatic pause waiting for the other agent to walk into the dining room did I expect Konstantin to ... more

I Have a Thing About Bathrooms

What we witnessed on Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 5 can never happen again. It was messy, ridiculous, and flat-out fun, but now that they've met face to face, never again should we expect the same reactions from Eve when she comes upon Villanelle.  And please, oh please, Eve, keep calling her Villanelle even though we all know her real name is Oksana. Surely you're still enamored with her enough to do that! Picking up exactly where Killing Eve Season 1 Episo... more



Killing Eve: 'Killing Eve' Season 2 Hones the Show's Danger and Its Killer Instinct News | TVBuzer

'Killing Eve' Season 2 Hones the Show's Danger and Its Killer Instinct

When “Killing Eve” returns for its second season, the assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) will once again surprise and shock viewers. However, this time it’s not how she dispatches someone but how she responds to being stabbed by MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). “Emotionally how she perceives that — I think it both affects them in a way that’s not quite expected,” said Comer at the Television Critics Association press tour panel for the show on Saturday. Oh added that “We see them vulnerable in sl... more

Killing Eve: "Killing Eve" Will Air on AMC and BBC America in Season 2 News | TVBuzer

"Killing Eve" Will Air on AMC and BBC America in Season 2

Killing Eve is getting a second home: The BBC America breakout will also air on sister network AMC in its second season.  The two channels will simulcast all episodes of the series, potentially providing a boost in profile for it. AMC is available in about 10 million more homes than BBC America currently reaches. The move might also help AMC, whose biggest hit, The Walking Dead, has suffered sizable ratings declines over the past couple of seasons. That series returns Feb. 10 for the second half of season nine and will end... more

Killing Eve: Killing Eve Season 2 to Premiere in April News | TVBuzer

Killing Eve Season 2 to Premiere in April

TV’s best cat-and-mouse game will officially resume in three months: Season 2 of Killing Eve is set to premiere on Sunday, April 7 at 8/7c, BBC America announced Thursday. If your memory needs refreshing, Season 1 of the acclaimed drama ended — spoiler alert! — with Sandra Oh’s Eve stabbing Jodie Comer’s Villanelle after a months-long pursuit. According to the official synopsis for Season 2, Villanelle has disappeared after Eve’s shocking act, and Eve is “left reeling, having no id... more


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