Island Medics

Aired: Dec 08, 2017 , Weekdays at 9:15 on BBC One

New Series

Episode Summary: Today, Brian is evacuated by helicopter from a fishing boat after inhaling some dangerous chemicals. The coastguard landing team have to work closely with the air crew and paramedics to transfer him to Accident and Emergency, where the team is tasked with stabilising his breathing and finding out what the long-term effects of the chemicals could be on his more
... lungs. Away from the wards, cameras follow Jan and Pete from the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary who have been alerted to a pilot whale which is in danger of running aground in one of Shetland's "voes" or inlets. They need to enlist the help of local volunteers if their audacious rescue plan is to succeed. Back in the hospital the doctors and nurses have two different piercing problems to tackle: a woman whose fishing trip had to be cut short when she got a hook embedded in her forearm, and a teacher whose new piercing has become infected - an ideal training opportunity for one of the junior doctors.
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