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Episode Summary: EJ's lies and deceptions cause a rift in his family, as some continue to enable him while others holds a firm bottom line. Interventionist Ken Seeley intervenes on EJ, who must finally decide if he is ready to accept help and go to treatment. Janine, Nicole, Bill, Alana, Amanda and EJ give final updates about their recoveries and hopes for the future.
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2016 Critics' Choice Award Nominations: 'Game of Thrones' and 'O.J. Simpson' Take the Lead

Hosted by TJ Miller ( Silicon Valley), the 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards has released this year's nominations. Game of Thrones and The People v. OJ Simpson have taken a strong lead. In overall network nominations, HBO towers above the rest with 22. A little further behind comes Netflix, with Stranger Things and more

A&E cancels 'Intervention'

After eight years, and thirteen seasons, A&E has made the decision to cut Intervention. I never really got into watching Intervention, besides an episode here or there if I happened to catch it on TV, or the Canadian version when it featured an individual from my hometown. An Emmy award winning docu-series, Intervention shed light into the lives of individuals struggling with addiction and strived to help them work towards a better future. “AsInterventioncomes to an end, we’re proud to have paved the way for such an original and groundbreaki... more


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