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In Plain Sight follows the story of a Federal Marshall with the Witness Protection program who must hide her high-risk, high-impact job from her family. To those that know her, Mary Shannon is a glorified meter maid, but her real job is much more dangerous. She must oversee federal witnesses who have been relocated through the Witness Protection program and make sure that they more
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In Plain Sight: SEASON 5, EPISODE 8: All's Well That Ends | TVBuzer

Aired: May 04,2012

Series Finale: Drastic changes take place at the Albuquerque WITSEC office. Mary finds herself caught between a witness and an unexpected family reunion.... more

In Plain Sight LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Perfectly Messy

I have loved every episode of the final season of In Plain Sight. Although last week's episode may have been my true favorite, the series finale far from disappointed. Mary Shannon's a strong, beautiful, flawed character and I'm grateful to have gotten to watch her grow over the last five seasons and her story arc in "All's Well That Ends" was no exception. Abigail had finally reached her breaking point and I couldn't blame her. While she sat with a minister expecting her fiance... more

All's Well That Ends

The episode begins at a photo shoot. The manager expects Casey to do something that Casey is not very happy about. She needs five minutes of alone time, where we see her go to the rest room and break into tears. Just then she hears some voices outside and peeps to see what’s happening. Casey sees a Russian man shoot a girl. She panics and she makes a noise. The mobster comes for Casey with his guns drawn. When he opens the door, Casey blinds him with a spray and escapes. Casey is now in the WITSEC prote... more

Exit Strategy

Almost every week of this season of In Plain Sight has left me saying the same thing. I am so going to miss this show.  "Sacrificial Lam" was no exception. This final season has been so achingly good that I'm mourning the character of Mary Shannon before she's even gone. Tonight she tracked her dying father while dealing with their history, not to mention the FBI trying to link her to her daddy's crimes. Nothing is ever easy for Mary. James Shannon, if nothing else, proved t... more



In Plain Sight: 4 TV Shows to Watch If You're Missing 'Bones' News | TVBuzer

4 TV Shows to Watch If You're Missing 'Bones'

Are you going through a Bones withdrawal? Do you miss all your friends at the Jeffersonian and hopelessly wish you could get more stories from them? Well, we've got some suggestions for you. We know, nothing may ever compare to Bones again, but these four shows share some of Bones' best traits. 1. more

In Plain Sight: Mary McCormack to Guest Star on 'Scandal' News | TVBuzer

Mary McCormack to Guest Star on 'Scandal'

Mary McCormack , star of the former series'In Plain Sight' ,will be guest starringon 'Scandal' sometime in October. Joining her is Josh Randall , who hasappeared in various television programs. Other than the fact that the pair will be playing a power couple, few details have been released about... more

In Plain Sight: David Duchovny to Star in NBC's Charles Manson Drama Series News | TVBuzer

David Duchovny to Star in NBC's Charles Manson Drama Series

David Duchovny is returning to network television, and he's working creepy cases again.It looks like 'The X-Files' alum is toplining 'Aquarius,'a 1960s cop drama about the Charles Manson murders for NBC. The 13-episode straight-to-series order centers on an L.A. sergeant (Duchovny) with a "complicated" personal life (is there any other kind?), who's tracking a young Charles Manson at the beginning of hi... more


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