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Hosted and executive produced by Grammy and NAACP Image Award winner Ice-T (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”), the series spotlights shocking true stories involving sex, money, murder – or a fatal cocktail of all three. Told through in-depth interviews, reenactments and archival footage, each hour-long episode delves into an edgy mystery filled with expert detective work, un more
...expected turns and stunning revelations.
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In Ice Cold Blood Episode Guide | TVBuzer

In Ice Cold Blood Episode Guide


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AIRED ON June 17,2019

Season 2: Episode 16


  • Season 2
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 06/17/19 AT 08:00 PM ON Oxygen

      In Ice Cold Blood Season 2 Episode 16: Mother Vs Son | TVBuzer
      Mother Vs Son
      Episode 16
      A man is found dead in the shower, and police have only two suspects, but to figure out who killed him and why is not as cut and dry as it m...
    • 06/10/19
      A beloved entrepreneur is murdered in his office. A secret double life is quickly revealed, and despite mountains of suspicion, lies and mot...
    • Deadly Greed
      Episode 14
      Three members of a wealthy family are gunned down in their own home. But with little evidence to go on, investigators embark on a multi-year...
    • 05/27/19
      When a local police officer goes missing, it quickly becomes apparent that even those whose job it is to protect and serve are not immune fr...
    • Killer Secret
      Episode 12
      A single mother is found dead in a hotel stairwell and detectives quickly uncover that she had a secret life that may have led to her demise...
    • 05/13/19
      Lust and greed are at the core of this case of a wife and mother who is found dead in her pool. Investigators are quick to uncover a web of ...
    • Man Eater
      Episode 10
      A wealthy entrepreneur is shot in his home. Suspects are plenty, but with only suspicion to go on, it takes investigators over 7 years to na...
    • Three Hairs
      Episode 9
      A young mother is brutally murdered, but despite unique evidence at the scene, it would take years to put the pieces together and bring her ...
    • 04/15/19
      When a man is shot dead in bed right next to his fiancee, detectives learn that just because you think you're done with your past, that does...
    • Gypsy Grandma
      Episode 7
      A loving grandmother from a traveling community is found brutally murdered, shocking all. Investigators soon uncover a web of lies, identity...
    • Mr. Handcuffs
      Episode 6
      A mom starts online dating to try and cope after an unexpected tragedy but when she gets pulled into the underbelly of the BDSM world and th...
    • Miss Fortune
      Episode 5
      When a psychic and her adult daughter are found killed under bizarre circumstances, the list of suspects grows long as investigators discove...
    • 03/18/19
      What started as a perfect marriage evolves into a questionable threesome. Soon one of them winds up dead, but the killer who rocked this tri...
    • Bad Blood
      Episode 3
      A single mom is found shot and stabbed in her kitchen. Multiple suspects emerge but the true mastermind of this murder hits closer to home t...
    • 03/04/19
      A foursome, a stripper, and a biker, is just the beginning for investigators of this massage table homicide. And everyone is shocked as a se...
    • Peeping Perv
      Episode 1
      The quintessential girl next door is discovered brutally killed on Thanksgiving weekend. It would take investigators over a year to uncover ...
  • Season 1
    • 05/20/18
      A high-speed car chase ends with a 40-year-old newlywed shot dead in front of her husband and stepdaughter; is this a robbery gone wrong, a ...
    • 05/13/18
      A single mother becomes a murder victim while living a double life; a web of deception, sex and murder sends detectives on a multi-year hunt...
    • 05/06/18
      A lover's quarrel and a quick cash scheme lead to the murder of a happy retiree; the Hollywood community is stunned when a body is found und...
    • 04/29/18
      To keep their marriage fresh, a young couple turns to a life of sex games and sharing spouses, but when threesomes and foursomes lead to mur...
    • 04/22/18
      A single mom does all she can to provide for her kids, including taking up with five sugar daddies to make ends meet, but when jealousy rear...
    • Deadly Fetish
      Episode 3
      The wife of a Marine, a pregnant dominatrix and a sex slave cross paths in a twisted tale of kidnapping, lies and murder....
    • 04/08/18
      Passions and obsessions turn toxic when a beautiful young law student is found murdered and left in a trash can, leaving police to decipher ...
    • Closing Night
      Episode 1
      A military veteran is missing and a young student is murdered in what appears to be a crime of passion, but the discovery of a secret payout...
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