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Four comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other out amongst the general public with a series of hilarious and outrageous dares. When Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr challenge each other to say or do something, they have to do it. And if they refuse, they lose. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions.
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Impractical Jokers Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Impractical Jokers Episode Guide


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AIRED ON October 17,2019

Season 8: Episode 19

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AIRS ON October 24,2019

Season 8: Episode 20


  • Season 8
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 10/24/19 AT 10:00 PM ON truTV

      Impractical Jokers Season 8 Episode 20: Fast Feud | TVBuzer
      Fast Feud
      Episode 20
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 10/17/19 AT 10:00 PM ON truTV

      Impractical Jokers Season 8 Episode 19: Bad Carma | TVBuzer
      Bad Carma
      Episode 19
      Murr, Sal, Joe and Q showcase questionable products to participants, then rescue strangers who don't need to be rescued; the big loser must ...
    • 10/10/19
      Joe, Sal, Q and Murr seek help from customers when they escape security at the grocery store. Later, they tell bizarre tales to diners at a ...
    • Urine Trouble
      Episode 17
      Sal, Q, Joe and Murr play receptionists looking for suspicious names. Then the guys seek marriage advice from strangers after a private eye ...
    • Sun-Fan Lotion
      Episode 16
      Murr, Sal, Joe and Q are at the massage parlor for a much kneaded relaxation, then they ask strangers their opinions on questionable yearboo...
    • 09/19/19
      Joe, Murr, Sal and Q get their checks bounced by customers who notice unusual charges, then they help out coworkers with some peculiar trust...
    • Well…
      Episode 14
      Murr, Q, Sal and Joe play a game of tag at a coffee shop, then convince shoppers to deliver sketchy messages at the grocery store. Tonight's...
    • Sucks For You
      Episode 13
      Q, Joe, Sal and Murr bus their way through Katz's Deli, then they express some unpopular opinions at the park. Tonight's big loser must talk...
    • 08/22/19
      Sal, Q, Joe and Murr are at Universal Studios in Hollywood. They start off serving up ridiculous surveys, then make things awkward while pos...
    • Fraudway
      Episode 11
      Joe, Sal and Murr one-up each other while trying not to laugh, and team up for a lunch that's for the birds. Later, tonight's big loser hits...
    • 08/08/19
      Murr, Q, Joe and Sal participate in a fake documentary, then find themselves in the middle of a marshmallow throwing contest. Plus, tonight'...
    • 05/30/19
      Sal, Murr, Joe and Q play matchmakers at the food court, then switch fields to pose as architects, sharing some perplexing new building tech...
    • Cake Loss
      Episode 8
      Q, Sal, Murr and Joe mean no disrespect to patrons at a food court, then cut to the chase while posing as tailors. Later, strangers pick sid...
    • The Eggman
      Episode 7
      Joe, Q, Sal and Murr go incognito to fool unsuspecting strangers, then pop in for a coffee just in time to miss out on a big prize. Plus, to...
    • The Dumbbell
      Episode 6
      Q, Joe, Sal and Murr test their parental instincts by reading their daughters' diaries, then they give presentations that are anything but n...
    • Blue Man Dupe
      Episode 5
      Murr, Joe, Q and Sal are a little too generous with fellow shoppers at the market, then ask strangers to help them out of a texting jam. Plu...
    • 04/18/19
      Joe, Murr, Q and Sal send blood pressure rates sky-high while posing as nurses, then stroll through the store with their wives. Plus, the bi...
    • Tipping Point
      Episode 3
      Sal, Murr, Joe and Q pull desk duty, and then do strangers a solid by barring them from the bathroom. Plus, the big loser learns the hard wa...
    • The Closer
      Episode 2
      Q, Joe, Sal, and Murr get tech help from some confused tutors; they play hot potato in a shoe store; the big loser wishes he could press esc...
    • 03/28/19
      Murr, Sal, Joe and Q take some customers for a wild ride, and things get messy when they ask fellow shoppers for a hand. Plus, the big loser...
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