How I Met Your Mother

Aired: Sep 24, 2012 , Monday at 20:00 on CBS


Episode Summary: Barney attempts to hide the fact that he and Robin used to date, but Quinn finds out when sleep-deprived Marshall and Lily accidentally blurt it out. Meanwhile, Ted forces Victoria to write a left-at-the-altar note to Klaus explaining why she ran out on their wedding.
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Gone In 60 Seconds

While it is always sad to bid adieu to summer, the changing of the leaves here in New York City are a reminder that Fall is upon us - and topping the list of things to celebrate is a new season of How I Met Your Mother.  With a chill in the air outside, I turned off the AC, cracked a window and settled in to watch the Season 8 premiere "Farhampton." Tonight's episode did well to advance two major story lines, but as is often the case on this program, befor... more

Premiere Four Timelines in Search of a Finale

"We're writing this season like it's the end." So says How I Met Your Mother co-creator CraigThomas, and it therefore seems fitting to begin the show's eighth year with alook back at the show's legacy thus far: HowI Met Your Mother has been, in many ways, the last great multi-camera sitcom.It's somehow managed to blend the plot intricacies, absurdity and callback humor of Arrested Development with the broad appeal of Friends, and its characters have consistentlyevolved along ... more



Our 11 Favorite On-Again-Off-Again TV Couples

The best part of shipping characters on TV is all that "will they or won't they" tension. We hope, we root, we might even shout at the TV, but sometimes it doesn't go they way we want. Sometimes it does, and our faves get together, but (because TV) they break up. For some of our favorite television characters, this cycle seems endless. Here's 11 of our very favorite on-again-off-again couples. Penny and Leonard -- The Big Bang Theory   more

7 Actors Who Are Just Like Their TV Characters

It can be hard for major fans of certain shows to ever look at the actors in them and see anyone other than their beloved characters. Some actors make this even more difficult because they constantly prove to be exactly like the people they play on TV. Let's look at seven actors who are basically the real-life versions of the people that they play. 1. Troian Bellisario/Spencer Hastings, Pretty Little Liars more

Casting Bits: Selena Gomez Joins 'The Voice', a Pro Returns to 'DWTS,' Charlotte Ross on 'Arrow' and More

Britney Spears is returning to the small screen for an upcoming role in Jane The Virgin and fellow pop star Selena Gomez signs on for The Voice. Meanwhile, Arrow, Graceland, X-F... more


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