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The charismatic and roguish American adventurer Hooten and his fantastically feisty partner in crime, Lady Alexandra travel the world, from the Vatican to The Himalayas, the Amazon to Egypt, in their quest to save the world's lost treasures.
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Hooten & the Lady: SEASON 1, EPISODE 8: Caribbean | TVBuzer

Aired: November 10,2016

Alex puts her wedding in jeopardy as she follows Hooten to an idyllic Caribbean island, searching for Captain Henry Morgan's buried pirate treasure. With half a map each and other hunters on their tail, this larger-than-life expedition threatens to derail the biggest day in Lady Alex's life.... more

Hooten & the Lady LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



The fallout from Moscow continues to haunt Hooten, but luckily Lady Alex has his back. On Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 7, the identity of Mr. Scorpion is revealed, and the shocking revelation shakes Lady Alex to the core, but she still stands by her Hooten. We begin nine weeks after the Moscow blowup we witnessed in Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 6, with Hooten doing his Indiana Jones thing in the jungles of Cambodia, but this time he has a young boy named J... more


Ghosts from the past surface, and that means only one thing: business just picked up in Hootenville. On Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 6, Hooten summons Lady Alex to Moscow, with the promise of acquiring a legendary artifact, but their respective pasts come back to bite them in the ass. In a welcomed change, the usually wacky romp is more like a Le Carre novel or Bond movie this week. The setting definitely helps in that regard: anytime you can film at ... more


Frankincense? Seriously? More like, makes NO freakin' sense. On Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 5, they finally break free from the rigid show structure they have held tightly to for the entire season. Did it help? Eh, not so much. This was by far the worst episode of the run. Where do I begin? I do give them credit for not doing the now familiar pattern: the setup, Hooten's dilemma, meet with the locals, journey with witty banter, puzzle solving, find, t... more



Hooten & the Lady: The CW Sets Summer 2017 Premiere Dates for 'Whose Line' and More News | TVBuzer

The CW Sets Summer 2017 Premiere Dates for 'Whose Line' and More

The CW doesn't have a heavy schedule for the summer, but several returning reality shows and a British import are coming soon. The summer line-up begins with the return of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Monday, May 29 at 9/8c. Repeats of the show will also air at 9:30pm. The CW is also bringing back a double dose of magic. Masters of Illusion, hosted by Dean Cain, returns Friday, Jun... more


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