• Homeland Season 2 Episode 12: The Choice | TVBuzer
    The Choice
    Episode 12
    Carrie is faced with a pivotal decision, while Brody meets with Faber to contemplate the future of the family. Meanwhile, Saul undertakes a ...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 11: In Memoriam | TVBuzer
    In Memoriam
    Episode 11
    Dangerously close to exhaustion, Carrie continues her hunt for Nazir and begins to suspect there is a mole in the CIA. Roya reveals her true...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 10: Broken Hearts | TVBuzer
    Broken Hearts
    Episode 10
    Saul catches up with an old friend and discovers evidence of covert activities by Estes. Brody and Vice President Walden find themselves at ...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 9: Two Hats | TVBuzer
    Two Hats
    Episode 9
    Brody makes a necessary phone call. Saul teams up with Virgil and Max to dig up some information on one of their own. Carrie finds herself p...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 8: I'll Fly Away | TVBuzer
    I'll Fly Away
    Episode 8
    Brody heads towards meltdown as he struggles to keep his complicated alliances clear. Carrie stages a risky intervention to keep Brody in li...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 7: The Clearing | TVBuzer
    The Clearing
    Episode 7
    Carrie and the team struggle to regain control of their operation. Saul visits Aileen in solitary confinement. Dana pressures Finn to come c...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 6: A Gettysburg Address | TVBuzer
    Dana is shocked by her visit to the hospital. Faber's Tom Walker questions get him tangled up with the CIA. Brody agrees to help stop an att...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 5: Q&A | TVBuzer
    Episode 5
    Brody is a prisoner again. Carrie plays second fiddle after her rash judgment call at the hotel as Estes is busy keeping Jessica off their t...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 4: New Car Smell | TVBuzer
    New Car Smell
    Episode 4
    Estes authorizes a covert operation to investigate intel recovered in Beirut. Brody gets a shock when he runs into Carrie at Langley. Dana ...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 3: State of Independence | TVBuzer
    After her Beirut adventures, Carrie hopes for a triumphant return to the CIA. Brody learns that his bomb maker is in danger of imminent disc...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 2: Beirut Is Back | TVBuzer
    Fatima tells Carrie about a meeting her Hezbollah commander husband will be having in Beirut with Abu Nazir and Carrie and Saul request a sp...
  • Homeland Season 2 Episode 1: The Smile | TVBuzer
    The Smile
    Episode 1
    Months after undergoing Electroconvulsive Therapy, former CIA case officer Carrie Mathison has found a modicum of peace in her family's subu...