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Episode Summary: On Location - New York City
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Homeland Premiere Recap: Carrie's Back... But Is She 'Compromised'?

As Homeland returns for its final season after a nearly two-year break, we all want to know what Carrie Mathison’s been up to… and she’d like to know that, too, actually. Sunday’s Season 8 premiere finds Carrie at an Army medical center in Germany, recovering from the seven months she spent in a Russian prison. She’s getting better, weaning herself off of anti-anxiety meds and running laps in the yard, but she gets a rude awakening when she’s ushered i... more

'Homeland': Why Carrie Mathison Had to Become Nicholas Brody in Final Season

For “Homeland” to do what it does best, Carrie Mathison had to become Nicholas Brody in the show’s eighth and final season. Alex Gansa, co-creator and showrunner of the Showtime drama series, realized the storytelling path for the swan-song year as they were filming the closing scenes of Season 7. Claire Danes’ intrepid, bipolar CIA agent would come full circle by finding herself under suspicion of having become a brainwashed double-agent turned by the enemy — in this case, Rus... more

Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin Reflect on 'Homeland's' Real-World Correlations Ahead of Final Season

As Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin gathered with the creators of Showtime’s “Homeland” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City Tuesday night to celebrate the premiere of their Emmy-winning show’s final season, President Trump addressed the nation. While they feted the end of their long-running drama of spies and... more


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