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This series is a spin-off from the long running BBC medical drama Casualty. Set in the same hospital as its sister series, this show follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.
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Holby City Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Holby City Episode Guide


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AIRED ON October 15,2019

Season 21: Episode 42


  • Season 21
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 10/15/19 AT 08:00 PM ON BBC one

      Holby City Season 21 Episode 42: Hope Is a Powerful Drug | TVBuzer
      Frankie returns to Holby, keen to take Isla back. Essie is not convinced she is truly ready for the demands of parenthood, and tries to pers...
    • 10/08/19
      Both Ric and Darla are faced with life-changing decisions, an aggressive stranger at the hospital threatens to blow Essie's baby secret wide...
    • Divine Justice
      Episode 40
      Will it be Chloe or Evan's version of events that will be believed? How can a grieving Cameron make amends for failing Chloe when she needed...
    • Retreat
      Episode 39
      Evan refuses to give up on Chloe, and Cameron receives heartbreaking news...
    • Circle of Life
      Episode 38
      Ric fears for his health, leading him to withdraw just as his granddaughter goes into premature labour. Cameron steps in to take charge, and...
    • 09/10/19
      Ric celebrates his 65th birthday, but as he continues to make mistakes at work, the return of a face from the past forces him to realise tha...
    • 09/03/19
      As the town is engulfed by a storm, Jac faces a devastating confrontation with her old rival Faye Byrne and the man whom they both loved. Sa...
    • 08/27/19
      Phoebe is admitted to hospital, and Evan accompanies her. Chloe is left dismayed by the development, as there seems to be no hope of cutting...
    • 08/20/19
      A distressed stranger turns up looking for Raf di Lucca. Will her secret change Essie's life forever? Xav questions Ric's competence, but is...
    • 08/13/19
      Is Chloe brave enough to tell Evan she wants a divorce? And what will he do if she does? Faced with choosing between work and his personal l...
    • 08/06/19
      Jac is forced to make a career-changing decision when she is reunited with her daughter, who has been brought to the hospital by her ex's ne...
    • 07/30/19
      The team gives a warm send-off to a beloved colleague, but a surprising revelation leaves Cameron reeling and he soon finds himself drunk an...
    • Don't Leave Me
      Episode 30
      Kian struggles to cope with the anniversary of a family tragedy. The only way he can find hope is by vowing that he will save someone's life...
    • Honeymoon
      Episode 29
      As her loved ones continue to worry about her, Chloe learns more about Evan. Cameron wants to get out from under Bernie's shadow, but he rec...
    • Reckless
      Episode 28
      Chloe's day is thrown into chaos when Evan is attacked, and with his life on the line, he asks her a surprising question. Dominic is put und...
    • Flying Solo
      Episode 27
      Determined to put his troubles behind him, Cameron tries to prove himself to Kian, but when the pair clash over teaching methods, Evan steps...
    • Kiss Kiss
      Episode 26
      Xavier tries to build bridges with Donna, but she's having none of it. Cameron can't quite shift his feelings of unease around Evan, and whe...
    • Pigeon
      Episode 25
      When Xavier's mum arrives on AAU talking in riddles, Donna does her best to shelter him from her behaviour - but will he appreciate the inte...
    • 06/11/19
      The manipulative Isaac continues to drive a wedge between Dom and Lofty, but when Isaac puts Lofty in harm's way and the net is closing in, ...
    • 06/04/19
      In the hope of mending Isaac and his father Jon's relationship, Dom makes a risky decision which lands him in hot water. Hanssen finds himse...
    • Bloodline
      Episode 22
      As Dominic continues to treat Isaac's father, Lofty is determined to protect him, but when Dominic refuses to let him it puts their marriage...
    • Unredeemed
      Episode 21
      Dominic faces his difficult past when he goes head to head with his abusive ex, Isaac, while Ange and Carole band together to try to help hi...
    • 05/14/19
      Struggling with the news that Dominic is her half-brother, Chloe is forced to operate with him. Lofty returns to Holby with a secret....
    • 05/07/19
      Ange plans to tell Chloe her biggest secret, when a surprise locum throws her day into disarray. Ric's granddaughter, Darla, arrives at Holb...
    • 04/30/19
      Kian's big personality and alternative methods are beginning to grate on Jac, but is it just a case of professional jealousy? Fletch reminds...
    • 04/23/19
      Jac's top-dog status is challenged when a talented new surgeon starts at Holby and instantly causes a stir. Dom is irritated when Carole sta...
    • 04/16/19
      Zosia and Jac's relationship shows no sign of mending when Jac pulls rank over a patient's treatment. A startling incident then forces them ...
    • The Family Way
      Episode 15
      Dom throws himself into work as he struggles to process a shocking family secret. Zosia undermines Jac's authority and puts a strain on thei...
    • 04/02/19
      Chloe is wrong-footed when ex-boyfriend Evan unexpectedly turns up on Darwin. As Ange reels from her recent discovery, Dom is also confronte...
    • Running
      Episode 13
      Ange follows a hunch and ends up uncovering a shocking and long-buried secret - one with the potential to completely tear her life apart. A ...
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