Heroes Reborn

Aired: Nov 05, 2015 , Thursday at 20:00 on NBC


Episode Summary: In the wake of an unspeakable tragedy, Erica Kravid puts her dark plan into motion with Renautas. Hiro and Angela are tasked with an important mission that could change the course of humanity. In Odessa, a distraught Luke and Joanne come to realize their tragic mission after the loss of their son. Meanwhile, Noah Bennet has an unexpected reunion with Matt Pa more
...rkman. In Japan, the origins of Miko come to light. Elsewhere, the truth behind Carlos' military service is revealed.
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June 13th - Part Two

Don't mess with time. It messes with your head. Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 8 was a trippy installment because of all the time travel. Hiro was right when he said that it could mean bad things.  We kicked things off with Noah set to shoot Erica, but he only managed to shoot her in the butt. That paved the way for Quentin (Yes, he's back!) to reappear and pull her in the door and out of harm's way.  He's pretty much grasping to a small part of hope that he'... more

The Entire History of June 13th is Revealed

I love time travel. I'm that rare breed of nerd that is completely turned off to most types of sci-fi. Unless it's in space and involves the words "stars" and "wars" (in that exact order) I'm disinterested. Robots and aliens are simultaneously terrifying and boring to me. Yet, time travel is one sci-fi staple that I legitimately love. I tell you this to let you know upfront that I'm already pre-disposed to like "June 13th Part Two," the second episode in Heroes Reborn's time travel story. Not to mention that... more



New 2016 Emmy Categories Could Help 'Fear the Walking Dead' and 'Children's Hospital'

The Emmy Awards are getting even bigger for 2016 with new acting categories and two categories with expanded nominations, all due to the increase in content being produced. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has voted on several rule changes for the 2016 Emmy Awards that expand nominations in the directing and writing categories and add new categories for short-form content. First, the Writing and Directing categories for both Drama and Comedy series will be expanded to six nominees each, up from five. All of the major acting ... more

The 3 Reasons Why 'Heroes Reborn' Failed

When Heroes Reborn was first announced fans of the cancelled series hoped that the reboot/sequel would be able to capture the magic again. After years off the air, there was the sliver of a chance that Heroes Reborn could do what Heroes never could and make a satisfying subsequent to the story of season 1. more

'Heroes Reborn' Recap: Erica's Past is Revealed

"Company Woman" is the second-to-last Heroes Reborn ever. Now that the series has been cancelled, there should be an extra feeling of closure and finality to the proceedings. Sadly, the exact opposite seems to be happening. While I'm sure the Heroes Reborn finale will have some kind of conclusion, "Company Woman" was a plodding and oddly-paced penultimate episode. Rather than focus mostly on Tommy and Malina's joint v... more


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