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Hell's Kitchen (US) is an American reality television cooking competition (based on the British series of the same name) broadcast on Fox. It is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.
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Hell's Kitchen: SEASON 19, EPISODE 3: Episode 3 | TVBuzer

Aired: January 21,2021

The day begins with a Caesar salad challenge. As service begins, Olympic gold medallist Apolo Ohno and NFL star Marshall Faulk take the VIP seats, but which team will shine?... more

Hell's Kitchen LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


The Black Jackets Shock Chef Ramsay in a Disastrous Dinner Service

During the battle for the black jackets on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay shocked the competitors by sending home former frontrunner Andrew. Now, it is clear that nobody is safe from elimination.At this point in the competition, the chefs only have themselves to rely on, and one mistake could end their chances of winning it all. However, old alliances may cause one chef to be on the outs. Will this affect their chances of being eliminated? Let's find out in the new episode, t... more

Chef Ramsay Sets Up Three Grueling Challenges for the Chefs to Earn a Black Jacket

Season 16 of Hell's Kitchen may have featured vicious battles and devastating blunders for the Blue Team and the Red Team, but those are now things of the past. In this next phase of the competition, Chef Gordon Ramsay will have the six remaining chefs compete in three unique challenges to earn a black jacket.With a season as intense as this, it is truly anybody's game. Who will impress Chef Ramsay enough to earn this coveted jacket? Who will be sent home? Let's find out in the all new episod... more

The Top 8 Face a Private Dinner Service and the Wheel of Fusion

The teams on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen are in a state of dismay. After a horrendous dinner service, Chef Gordon Ramsay had no choice but to eliminate one chef from each team, which ended up being Shaina and Matt.With there only being eight left, the remaining chefs are on a mission to prove to Chef Ramsay why they deserve to earn a black jacket. Which of them will solidify their spot in the final part of the season? Let's find out in these back-to-back episodes, titled "Aerial Maneuvers" an... more



Hell's Kitchen: 'Hell's Kitchen' Preview: 5 Reasons to Tune in to the All-Star Season News | TVBuzer

'Hell's Kitchen' Preview: 5 Reasons to Tune in to the All-Star Season

There is no shortage of Chef Gordon Ramsay on television these days, that's for sure. Be it  MasterChef,  MasterChef Junior,  The F Word,  Hotel Hell or  more

Hell's Kitchen: Meet the Cast of 'Hell's Kitchen: All Stars,' Plus Get a Sneak Peek at Season 17 News | TVBuzer

Meet the Cast of 'Hell's Kitchen: All Stars,' Plus Get a Sneak Peek at Season 17

After 16 seasons, Hell's Kitchen finally brings fans its highly anticipated all-star edition. Old rivalries and new alliances are expected to form as Gordon Ramsay reunites with notable contestants who were banished from his kitchen. Here are the 16 All-Stars who will compete for a chance to win a head chef position at Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace Las Vegas: The Red Team (W... more

Hell's Kitchen: 'Hell's Kitchen' Winner Ariel Malone: ' I'm Excited to Create a Better Life' News | TVBuzer

'Hell's Kitchen' Winner Ariel Malone: ' I'm Excited to Create a Better Life'

Ariel Malone was crowned the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 15, defeating Chicago line cook Kristin Barone for the coveted title, a head chef position at BLT Steak at Bally's Las Vegas and $250,000.  "I'm living proof that hard work and believing in yourself can make dreams come true," Malone said on following her victory. "Winning Hell's Kitchen is an unbelievable honor and I'm hap... more


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