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Episode Summary: (Way of the Gun) When Five-0 must locate a teen girl who purchased a gun from a junkie, it discovers that the firearm, over the course of decades, has affected all of their lives.
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  • Ke Ala O Ka Pu (Way of the Gun)

    Ke Ala O Ka Pu (Way of the Gun)

    This episode isn't going to score any points with the NRA.

    The history of a single gun was traced on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 20.

    It covers much the same ground as Robert Altman's 1997 groundbreaking anthology series Gun.

    That six-episode series starred a pearl-handled revolver as the only constant in various storylines featuring different casts of film stars, back when crossing over to TV wasn't as common as it is now. 

    This episode was even more ambitious, trying to explore that same theme in 42 minutes. It largely succeeded in proving that the same handgun can hurt, or kill, many people over decades.

    The concept of a "community gun" was examined, a gun that has been passed around so much over years and years that it's impossible for law enforcement to establish legal ownership.

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