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2 Seasons, 19 Episodes

Genre: Crime / Fantasy / Musical /


Nick Sax is a drunken and corrupt former cop who becomes a hit man, and who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a job goes wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a small, relentlessly positive, imaginary winged horse named Happy.
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Happy! (2017) NEWS


'Happy!' Season 2 Review: Syfy's Demented But Charming Black Comedy Takes on Easter

There are a ton of shows out there right now, but it’s safe to say that “Happy!” is, by far, the very best one about an ex-cop-turned-hitman and his imaginary best friend. Christopher Meloni’s violent hero and a CGI blue unicorn/pegasus voiced by Patton Oswalt are just trying to get by in a dark, twisted New York City, but that’s not the only reason that the Syfy original series stands out. It’s got seasonal edge to spare, and a good heart behind all that madness. When first introduced, the pairing of Meloni in f... more Comments

Happy! Sets Season 2 Return Date at Syfy — Watch the NSFW Trailer

[YouTube=w0RPu3XJLLs] New year, new Nick? “We’re getting our act together, Nick. No more drinking, no more whoring, no more fillin’ chumps full of hot lead!” Patton Oswalt cries out at the start of Happy!‘s newly released Season 2 trailer, as the titular animated unicorn thingy he voices flits around Christopher Meloni’s dazed Nick Sax. Yeah, you can guess how long that resolution lasts… Before you know it, we’re deep into a salacious promo that promises &m... more Comments

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