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Episode Summary: Hanna returns to Passway and follows Dumont and the drugs out of the city, aware that they will lead her to The Meadows. Marissa discovers that Sonia is in Belgium and reaches Hanna just in time, killing Sonia in the process. Hanna arrives at The Meadows, ready to save Clara, but is shocked to discover that Terri's plans to get through to Clara have worked, more
...and she appears to have settled in.
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Back Inside

It's early yet so of course Hanna's mission was FUBAR. Maybe Hanna and/or Marissa should have asked Clara if she wanted to be rescued on Hanna Season 2 Episode 3 and Hanna Season 2 Episode 4. Then maybe they could have avoided the world of hurt that they are looking at in the second half of Hanna Season 2. Especially Marissa. This whole "trying-to-be-a-good-person" thing is really kicking her ass. First, she rushed to Belgium to save Hanna after her ill-pla... more



‘Hanna’ Review: Amazon’s Best Action Series Yet Is Also a Solid Film-To-TV Adaptation — Berlinale

For a series that starts with Joel Kinnaman punching a dude in the face, while he’s on fire — inside a furnace — “Hanna” is a gritty and serious approach to a story that could be supremely ridiculous. Like the 2011 Joe Wright-directed film of the same name, this serialized adaptation tracks a 15-year-old girl raised in the wilderness to be a lethal, possibly even superhuman, killing machine. Yet instead of elevating her skills to superhero levels, David Farr’s script s... more


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