Aired: Jan 28, 2021 , Thursday at 20:00 on Freeform

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Episode Summary: As her relationship with Javi heats up, Ana makes a discovery about him that challenges her entire belief system. Meanwhile, Aaron learns about Cal U's investment in private prisons, challenging him to reconnect with his activist roots.
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grown-ish Finale Recap: Who Kissed? And Who's Kissing Cal U Goodbye?

Zoey Johnson’s future just became clear-ish. Thursday’s full-circle spring finale of grown-ish found Yara Shahidi’s character celebrating her 21st birthday. And even though she passed out before she got a chance to officially make her big wish, she still got exactly what she wanted in the end. (Because she’s still Zoey, and this is still grown-ish.) While taking a much-needed break from the party to contemplate her very existence, Zoey was vi... more

grown-ish Reveals the Story Behind [Spoiler]'s Unexpected Pregnancy, Including the Identity of the Father

Last week’s grown-ish premiere may have revealed which of Zoey’s roommates is with child, but that answer only left viewers with more questions. Thursday’s follow-up episode filled in a few crucial blanks, offering a more complete look at Nomi’s major life change. Let’s start with the baby’s father: Drumroll please… Phil! Yup, just some guy named Phil. And here’s how it all went down, in Nomi’s own words: “After I ... more

grown-ish Solves Pregnancy Mystery in Season Premiere: Did You Guess Right?

Thursday’s grown-ish premiere ended with a jaw-dropping twist so unexpected, not even the sight of a fully naked Aaron could pull Zoey’s gaze. Sure, it had already been revealed in promos that someone in Zoey’s inner circle would find herself with child in Season 3, but Nomi — whose finale cliffhanger involved the college’s ethics committee discovering her “inappropriate” relationship with her female professor — was argu... more


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