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Episode Summary: Nick faces his toughest challenge yet when he and Hank investigate a case that combines religious phenomenon with the dark dealings of the Wesen Council. Meanwhile, Rosalee is torn when Nick's case challenges her Wesen loyalties. Elsewhere, Captain Renard leaves town to tend to some "family matters."
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Believing the Myth

Juliette’s version of science in a Grimm-world takes center stage on Grimm Season 3 Episode 6. Much like Grimm Season 3 Episode 5, this installment is very much working Juliette and her specific skillset into the mix as quickly as possible; it’s very much a rite of passage that everyone goes through. Thankfully, Juliette’s enthusiasm is tapered to fit the situation, and, while I have no idea if her science is sound or not (not that it matters too much in a show like more

Stories We Tell Our Young

We don't believe, we only fear. In his office, Renard calls Nick and Hank in and tells them that he'll be leaving on what he has told everyone else is a vacation. In reality he's going to Europe and dropping off entirely. If Renard needs to contact them, he'll do so through Rosalee. At a Portland church, a husband and wife bring their nine-year-old son Daniel Keary in to see Monsignor Paul Dobbs. A young seminary student, Mathew Bard, takes them to Monsignor Paul's office and Monsignor Paul... more

Possessed Child or a Wesen?

The fall season of Grimm is winding down as "Stories We Tell Our Young" is tonight's latest episode before the two-hour finale next week. This week, Nick tries to link the murder of a priest to a Wesen, but it's turning out to be not so black and white.Demon ChildA 9-year-old is brought to a church, where its longtime priest is performing an exorcism. It's 2013, and apparently these are still happening. During the exorcism, the boy turns into little Satan child, overc... more



Just How 'Tragic' Is the 'Grimm' Series Finale?

Grimm is primed and ready to break our hearts, and we're not at all prepared. NBC will bid farewell to the little-show-that-could in barely two weeks, pitting Nick's (David Giuntoli) Scooby gang against a world-ending force by the name of Zerstorer. As the apocalypse looms and our intrepid wesen/human alliance circles the wagons around the most vulnerable, "The End" might eschew the series finale penchant for a happy ending. "Everything tragic that can happen will happen. The episode i... more

GRIMM Season 6 Episode 1 Photos Fugitive

GRIMM Season 6 Episode 1 Photos Fugitive : CAPT. RENARD ORDERS A SHOOT-TO-KILL MANHUNT ON NICK BURKHARDT – JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DANNY BRUNO GUEST STAR – Following the massacre in Nick’s (David Giuntoli) loft, Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) is hell bent on eliminating him once and for all. Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Wu (Reggie Lee) head back to the precinct to keep an eye on the Captain and help give the gang the upper hand. Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) grapple with sta... more

NBC Sets Fall 2016 Premiere Dates: 'Blindspot' Gets 'AGT' Lead-In for Early Premiere

NBC is the first network to reveal its premiere dates for Fall 2016, kicking things off with the Blindspot season 2 premiere on Wednesday, September 14, boosted by the finale of America's Got Talent as a lead-in. The following week is when everything starts coming back, with NBC using its hit reality series The Voice as a lead-in for all three of the netw... more


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