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Aired: Oct 31, 2019 , Thursday at 21:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: Alex is hoping to impress investors at Pac-Gen North, but when he hears disturbing news about skeletons on the construction site grounds, he enlists Richard to help with distraction tactics. Teddy feels the pressure to be super-mom after tasking herself with creating original Halloween costumes for Allison and Leo, while Meredith fears she won't make it home more
... in time for trick-or-treating with her kids. Elsewhere, Jackson tends to a pediatric patient who is upset she is spending her Halloween in a hospital.
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Whistlin' Past the Graveyard RECAP and REVIEWS (1)

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  • Whistlin' Past the Graveyard

    Whistlin' Past the Graveyard

    It was a fun, low-key hour. 

    While not much progressed on a storyline front on Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6, they settled for a Halloween-themed hour filled with humor, treats, and a couple of tricks.

    It was a simple hour, and if you happened to not see it because of getting your spooky fun on, well, you weren't missing out on much.

    Operation Free Meredith Grey was in full effect. No worries, she was in and out of jail faster than a person could blink. Just Meredith Grey things. 

    For all the time Meredith spent skirting around punishment and community service, they fast-forward through her jail stint.

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    It's almost too bad. Orange is the new Grey would've been pure entertainment. Like Jackson, I also can envision Meredith shivving someone, or maybe it's Ellen Pompeo I'm thinking about. I can defi...



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