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Aired: Oct 03, 2019 , Thursday at 20:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: The Grey Sloan doctors operate on a man who crashed into Maggie's car as Owen, back from paternity leave, struggles with Tom's new position. Outside the hospital, Meredith's recent firing doesn't stop her from diagnosing those around her. Plus, Richard and Alex start anew and it's not easy. All the while, Jo readies herself to return to work, and Amelia has more
...a new revelation in her relationship with Link.
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Back In The Saddle

Meredith Grey: Street Doctor would make an excellent series. She's so good at treating the underprivileged, and it made you miss the days when GSM had a free clinic and put it to proper use.  In addition to that angle, on Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2, Meredith decided to write about the dismal state of healthcare in the country, particularly for middle to low-class people who can't afford to be sick. DeLuca made a good point; it's attractive when people care.... more



Grey's Anatomy Taps Shameless Alum Richard Flood as the 'New Karev'

A Flood warning has gone into effect at Grey Sloan Memorial. Shameless vet Richard Flood (get it?) is joining Grey’s Anatomy in the recurring role of Dr. Cormac Hayes, the new head of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan. Dr. Hayes is brought in to fill the void left by Justin Chambers’ Karev. As fans of the venerable ABC medical drama know, Karev was sacked in last season’s finale, and has since segued to Pacific Northwest General Hospital (w... more

Grey's Recap: Charmed, I'm Sure - Plus, Who Did Bailey Fire Now?!?

The staffing crisis at Grey Sloan only got worse in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. When a Meredith fan called out Bailey for canning the award winner, the chief turned around and dropped a pink slip on the individual who’d spoken up, thus making herself even likelier to be called a witch than the Charmed sorceresses who passed through the episode as part of ABC’s Cast From the Past stunt. Who was the latest to get the axe? And who else wo... more

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Pregnant Pause - Plus, a New Meredith and Alex?!?

Thursday at 8 turned out to be decision time for many a Grey’s Anatomy doctor. Amelia and Link had to figure out whether they wanted to become parents, Jo had to choose between two tempting job offers, Richard had to weigh the pros and cons of sulking through his stint at PacNorth, and Bailey had to pick — or at least begin trying to pick — interns with enough potential to be the next Grey and Karev. Now it’s decision time for you, too: Will you re... more


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