Good Girls

Aired: Mar 29, 2020 , Sunday at 22:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: The women call on an unexpected ally to help Max seek revenge, but when their plans go awry, Ruby's life is put in jeopardy. A directionless Annie tries to find her purpose in life. Stan discovers his side hustle isn't what it seems.
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Vegas, Baby

Did Beth think she was going to be able to pull one over on Rio, again? Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7 was all about trying to get rid of Rio, but as the ladies should know by now, it’s never that simple. And underestimating Rio continues to bite them in the butt time after time. Here’s the thing about Rio, he may be a man of few words, but he’s constantly thinking one step ahead. The one time he let his guard down it almost got him killed, so he’s past taking Be... more



Good Girls Recap: Oooh, Baby!

Beth may have learned it the hardest way possible: when you try to off a nefarious gang boss, make sure he’s actually dead. We’ll go out on a limb and assume that Christina Hendricks isn’t leaving Good Girls anytime soon, so how’s Beth going to stay alive when Rio wants revenge? Sunday’s episode marked Step 1 in her survival plan, but she’s not out of the woods just yet. Not even close. We pick back up with Rio surprising Beth at the bar. She&... more

Good Girls Season 3 Review: The More Trouble They Get In, the More We Love It

The initial premise of Good Girls sounded more like a movie than a broadcast drama: Three women struggling to keep their family afloat rob a grocery store in order to make ends meet, only to find out they've stolen money from a local cartel that intends to collect. Yet executive producers Jenna Bans and and Bill Krebs have managed to turn what sounded lik... more


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