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An atheist's life is turned upside down when he is "friended" by God on Facebook.
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God Friended Me Episode Guide | TVBuzer

God Friended Me Episode Guide



  • Season 2
  • Season 1
    • Que Sera Sera
      Episode 20
      Miles, Cara and Rakesh finally come face to face with the elusive Henry Chase when the God Account sends Miles Simon Hayes' name....
    • 03/31/19
      Arthur joins Miles on a road trip upstate after the God Account checks into a closed-down summer camp. Also, Cara makes a career-altering de...
    • 03/24/19
      When a package mistakenly shows up on Miles' doorstep, his search for its importance leads him to a couple grieving the loss of their daught...
    • 03/17/19
      Miles gets an offer to join a podcast network that wants the exclusive rights to the God Account story. But when Cara has the chance to move...
    • When the God Account sends Miles and Cara the name of Sophia, a sous chef, they decide to help when they learn that her dreams of opening he...
    • Miles and Cara help a young woman who fell into a coma after disappearing the night before her wedding and wakes with no memory of that even...
    • 02/17/19
      Miles reconnects with his high school baseball teammate, Cal, when he gets a friend suggestion for a promising young baseball player who Cal...
    • 01/13/19
      Miles is shocked when the God Account sends him 76 simultaneous friend suggestions. Also, Ali moves in with Miles while her apartment is bei...
    • 01/06/19
      Miles turns to his dad for help when he learns that his latest friend suggestion was adopted after being dropped off at Arthur's church as a...
    • 17 Years
      Episode 11
      Miles is shocked and angered when the God Account sends him the name of the drunk driver who killed his mother 17 years earlier, leading Car...
    • 12/09/18
      When the God Account sends Miles the name of one of Arthur's parishioners, a single father who recently lost his wife, the similarities to t...
    • King's Gambit
      Episode 9
      The team reunites with private detective Ray Nicolette when Miles is sent a friend suggestion for a chess star who vanished after losing a h...
    • Matthew 621
      Episode 8
      The "God" account sends Miles the profile of a lawyer who died six months ago, leading him, Cara and Rakesh to dig into the man's past in or...
    • 11/11/18
      Miles is forced to face uncomfortable truths about his family when the "God" account points him toward his Uncle Terrance. Also, Cara's fath...
    • 11/04/18
      Miles is sent a friend suggestion for a cab driver who is opposed to his daughter marrying outside their faith. Also, Miles enrolls in a mar...
    • Unfriended
      Episode 5
      The "God" account unfriends Miles after he's reluctant to act on the latest friend suggestion, a young woman who is dealing with emotional t...
    • 10/21/18
      Suggestions from the God Account lead Miles and Cara to the Hayden Planetarium, where they meet a young woman, Fliss, who is searching for h...
    • 10/14/18
      Miles' wallet is stolen when he, Rakesh and Cara check out a food truck the God Account suggests that he "like." But when the account then s...
    • 10/07/18
      Miles gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a satellite radio company wants to put his podcast on the air, and the God Account suggests th...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Miles is an outspoken atheist whose life is turned upside down when he is "friended" by God on Facebook. Unwittingly, he becomes an agent of...
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