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An atheist's life is turned upside down when he is "friended" by God on Facebook.
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God Friended Me: SEASON 1, EPISODE 20: Que Sera Sera | TVBuzer

Aired: April 14,2019

Miles, Cara and Rakesh finally come face to face with the elusive Henry Chase when the God Account sends Miles Simon Hayes' name.... more

God Friended Me LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


The Road to Damascus

That was a lot to take in.  Here's what we learned on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 19: Simon Hayes isn't behind the God Account, Henry Chase is our number one suspect again, and Pria just deleted a project that could potentially help save the world from seismic catastrophes.  No big deal.  Oh, and Rakesh and Cara are both jobless. As we inch towards the God Friended Me Season 1 finale, the stakes are getting higher.   Truthfully,... more

The Dragon Slayer

If only all humans were as good as Miles.  Week by week, this series restores my faith in humanity.  Most of God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 17 focused on Miles' friend suggestion, Ben Evans, a homeless man whose run of bad luck was getting the best of him. Every encounter Miles had with Ben and his son, Max, was more emotional than the next.  Since the creation of the God Account, Miles has helped a handful of people, but he was almost like a ... more

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Finally.  For a moment, it seemed like Cara and Miles were going to stay in the friends-zone on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 16, and who could blame them? Their first date was beyond awkward.  The chemistry they've always had fizzled out, and the only thing they had in common was the God Account, which served as a buffer for some awkward silences.  While Cara and Miles thought that it meant they missed their moment, I think that was telling o... more



God Friended Me: GOD FRIENDED ME Season 1 Episode 2 Photos The Good Samaritan News | TVBuzer

GOD FRIENDED ME Season 1 Episode 2 Photos The Good Samaritan

GOD FRIENDED ME Season 1 Episode 2 Photos The Good Samaritan – “The Good Samaritan” – Miles gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a satellite radio company wants to put his podcast on the air, and the God Account suggests that he befriend a single mother. Also, Cara tries to build a relationship with her estranged mom, and Rakesh is crushed when he spots Jaya on a date, on GOD FRIENDED ME, Sunday, Oct. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. GOD FRIENDED ME is a humorous, uplifting drama about an outspoken atheis... more

God Friended Me: Ratings: 'God Friended Me' Premiere (Gladly) Accepts More Than 10 Million Viewers News | TVBuzer

Ratings: 'God Friended Me' Premiere (Gladly) Accepts More Than 10 Million Viewers

Sunday night may be “Football Night in America,” but there are still other options on broadcast. One of those last night was the CBS series premiere of “God Friended Me,” which drew 10.5 million viewers. NBC finished first with “Sunday Night Football”; CBS was runner-up. Fox was third in primetime, returning “The Simpsons,” “Bob’s Burgers” and “Family Guy” for their new seasons. Due to the nature of live sports, the below Nielsen numbers for NBC are subject to signific... more

God Friended Me: TV Review: 'God Friended Me' News | TVBuzer

TV Review: 'God Friended Me'

At first blush, “God Friended Me” is an easy target for mockery. Its title promises something wacky and miraculous, with a bonus social- media tie-in for relevance. In actuality, the new CBS drama is almost too earnest to ridicule, wrapping its absurd premise with the kind of moralistic sincerity that has fueled broadcast network dramas for decades. It’s “Touched by an Angel” reimagined for the millennial generation — or at least that’s what “God Friended Me” is trying to be, with decidedly mixed re... more


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