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Episode Summary: Inside Season 3, Episode 12
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Why We Loved and Hated 'Girls' and Why We'll Miss It Once It's Gone

After six seasons, Girls' series finale is imminent, and as the funny, flawed and self-absorbed protagonists careen headlong into the drudgework of being adults, it's time to look back and examine the impact the ground-breaking series had on the pop-culture landscape.  Girls' star and creator, Lena Dunham, delivered an insider's viewpoint on what it means -- or what outsiders think it means -- to be a millennia... more

HBO Renews Girls for a Fifth Season

HBO has renewed its hit series Girls for Season 5 just days ahead of its Season 4 premiere. The news was announced Monday night at the show's fourth season premiere screening event by HBO's programming president Michael Lombardo. For those who do not know, Girls is a comedy-drama that follows a close group of twenty-somethings living in New York City. It stars its creator Lena Dunhum as the main cha... more

'Supernatural' Exclusive Interview: Curtis Armstrong on 'Adorable' Metatron, Respecting Castiel and More

Metatron is that angel you just can't help but hate, though if you ask the actor who plays him, Curtis Armstrong, he thinks he's "adorable." While I couldn't get any spoilers out of him about what's coming up for his Supernatural character in season 10 -- and he admitted that he doesn't know much -- he did have a lot to say about Metatron when I interviewed him at New York Comic Con. Read on for TVB... more


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