Aired: Dec 03, 2017 , Sunday at 21:30 on FOX

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Episode Summary: When a young girl goes missing at a haunted hayride, Max and Leroy go undercover to determine if it was a paranormal act or just a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Barry brainstorms ways to "bro-bond" with Max and Leroy.
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Haunted Hayride

Sometimes you just need to see Adam Scott try to eat two cheeseburgers in a limited amount of time before things actually turn supernatural. It also helps that this is all part of the fun back and forth between Leroy and Max, everything works so much better when their partnership is the focus of the episode. On  Ghosted Season 1 Episode 8, Max and Leroy need to figure out if a haunted hayride has a paranormal problem or is just guilty of pulling off a successful prank to make more busin... more



GHOSTED Season 1 Episode 2 Photos Jermaine the Zombie

Leroy and Max take Jermaine (guest star Ethan Drake Davis) trick-or-treating, although Jermaine hopes they’ll drop him off at a party instead. The party becomes the least of their worries when Jermaine is infected with a zombie-esque virus by a demon cat. Meanwhile, Halloween is a busy night, full of paranormal activity, for LaFrey, Annie and Barry at the Bureau Underground in the all-new “Jermaine the Zombie” episode of GHOSTED, airing Sunday, Oct. 8 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GHO-104) (TV-PG L, V) Cast: Adam Scott as Max Jennifer,... more

GHOSTED Season 1 Cast Photos

Starring Craig Robinson (“The Office,” “This Is the End”) and Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation,” “Big Little Lies”), GHOSTED is a single-camera, live-action comedy about the partnership between two polar opposites – a cynical skeptic and a genius “true believer” in the paranormal – who are recruited by a secret government agency, known as The Bureau Underground, to save the human race. Also starring Ally Walker (“Colony,” “Sons of Anarchy”), Adeel Akhtar (“The... more

Fall 2017 Calendar: Premiere Dates for New and Returning TV Shows

It's time for the fall TV season to begin! If you've been waiting for your favorite network, cable and streaming shows to return, then you're in luck. Just because Game of Thrones is over for the season doesn't mean there aren't plenty of dramas to check out. American Horror Story, This Is Us, more


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