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Aired: Nov 30, 2011 , Weekdays at 14:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: Carly asks Shawn who else could the present be from other then Franco. Steve informs Olivia that he knows she's pregnant but she replies that she isn't. Steve points out to Olivia it wouldn't be the first time she kept quiet about a baby. Robin continues to talk with Stone on the bridge as Mac shows up. Lucky tells Maggie about the mystical time he had in Ir more
...eland. Franco tells Josslyn that he's sorry that her father left her on the video that he left. Jason is told by Sam that she would prefer to be alone for a little while after he tells her that he is here for her. When Robin says something about Lisa's murder, Mac tells her that she needs to be careful what she says to him. Lucky tells Maggie that she is part of everything that has happened because the name of the church he was told to go to was St. Margaret's and she saved his son's life. Patrick takes Emma to the hospital after she has a stomach ache and Maggie checks her out. Jason learns from Carly that she got a package from Franco. Johnny defends some ladies from an overeager patron at Jake's. A a man covered in a hoodie sits at the bar. Jason watches the video and becomes frustrated that Sam could be pregnant. Sam shows up at Jake's and informs Abby that she is looking into the case for Michael. Sam follows the man in the hoodie after he leaves the bar. After going into an alley, Sam sees Franco's graffiti on a wall and a man approaches her.
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General Hospital Will Use 'Flashback Friday' Episodes to Stretch Inventory During Pandemic Shutdown

ABC’s General Hospital will roll out weekly “Flashback Friday” episodes (aka reruns) as a means of making the most of its existing inventory while production remains shut down during the coronavirus pandemic. Starting this Friday, April 3, and currently scheduled to continue through May 22, each encore will feature an introduction from a GH actor highlighting the episode. This Friday, for example, Laura Wright will tee up the soap’s 56... more

'General Hospital' Shifts to Four Days a Week Amid Coronavirus Shuffle

Iconic daytime medical drama “General Hospital” is being forced to switch up its schedule, joining a growing list of shows which have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. ABC has announced that the show will now air four episodes per week, Monday through Thursday, instead of its usual five. Starting this Friday April 3, the network will air “Flashback Friday” editions, or reruns, of “General Hospital more

William Wintersole, 'Young and the Restless' and 'General Hospital' Actor, Dies at 88

William Wintersole, best known for his 25-year-long portrayal of attorney Mitchell Sherman on “The Young and the Restless,” died on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles due to complications from cancer, his daughter Tiffany Harmon announced on Facebook. He was 88. Wintersole, whose acting career spanned six decades, joined “The Young and the Restl... more


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