Garden Rescue

Aired: May 16, 2019 , Weekdays at 15:25 on BBC One

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Episode Summary: Jeannie and Norman have spent their retirement making the most of their long garden in Petersfield, Hampshire, but the one part of the garden they aren't happy with is the area that overlooks the local fields and rolling Hampshire views. The couple want to turn this area at the back of their garden into a secluded, calm, Japanese-inspired 'bolt hole', separa more
...te from the 'social area' where they entertain friends and family - a 'garden within a garden', just for them, where they can watch the wildlife and the sun set. They have a decent budget of three thousand pounds to create this crowning glory to their beloved garden, but who will win the right to turn that money into a dream garden? Will it be Charlie Dimmock or the Rich brothers Harry and David? With the clock ticking on the makeover, can the winning designer, get the garden done in time? And will Jeannie and Norman love it when they open their eyes on their new garden?
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