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Episode Summary: In attempt to recall a plan to defeat the Observers, Walter takes an LSD trip down memory lane. Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia trace a mysterious signal to the woods, where they come upon a grisly scene.
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Come Home, Walter

There are times when watching Fringe that I think, geez, I should drop some acid!  "Black Blotter" featured a few of those moments as Walter witnessed fairies dancing and remembered secret, long lost important code words - but in the end reality was still there, and it somehow seemed stronger than ever. I think Walter can keep his acid trips, as living in the present comes with a strong enough undercurrent for me, thank you very much. We were back to no... more

Walter Drops Acid and More of His Sanity

The Wizard of Oz, Lost, Powder, Steely Dan, the Green Fairy and a femme fatale make tonight's episode a mind-bend that helps Walter figure out an important puzzle from an old friend."Late at night in the lab of former Harvard University, Astrid is woken by a strange beeping sound. She gets up, looking for the source of the sound. "Walter?" No answer. She carries her gun, surveying the lab.The radio with the jammed signal from the Pocket Universe is beeping. Astrid turns ... more



'The Flash' Poll: Do You Want to See Earth-2 Again?

You'd never guess it from the title but "Escape from Earth-2" saw Harry, Barry and Cisco come back to their home Earth with Harry's daughter in tow. The episode closed on the breach between worlds being closed and Zoom being trapped on the other side. The Flash appears that it has shut the door on Earth-2 for a while. When Earth-2 does eventually reappear though, it should come back with a vengeance. The ... more

Casting Bits: 'OUAT' Casts Hercules, Gaius Charles Joins 'Blindspot' and More

Find out who's joining the casts of Blindspot, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and more in the latest casting news roundup. Gaius Charles on Blindspot TVLine has reported that the more

'Fringe' Star John Noble Joins 'Elementary' as New Series Regular

The father of Sherlock Holmes is about to become very involved in his son's life. Fringe and Sleepy Hollow star John Noble has joined the cast of the CBS drama Elementary, playing Sherlock's wealthy and mysterious father. And it won't be a quick visit as Noble is coming aboard as a series regular. more


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