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Episode Summary: As time dramatically ticks down, Peter, Olivia and Walter stop at nothing to save the universe from Observer rule. Walter enters the infamous deprivation tank in an attempt to uncover a key piece of information about the mysterious figure, Donald. Meanwhile, Captain Windmark sets out on a revealing mission of his own as long-standing questions are answered.
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The Father and The Son

Wow. "The Boy Must Live" answered a lot of questions and left us with what might be the beginning of the end of the "the plan" for our faithful fringe team. We finally found out what the plan was, only to have Michael throw a wrench into it in the final minutes of the hour. Let's check out what went down. As John Noble hinted in a recent conference call, Walter had agreed to pay a great price for the plan to succeed; his life. Michael showed to Walter what he did Nina, a frenzied amalgamation of his many... more

Michael's Secrets Revealed

As Fringe gallops towards its final breathtaking jumps, the show brings Peter, Walter and the tank together in truly emotional moments (including some unexpected but tear-worthy talk between the two main men) and tries to decipher the important impact of young Michael on the saving of the world(s).Bug-Eyed Goggles and Skinny-DippingLooking like he's about to fly a biplane in a turn-of-the-century airshow, a bug-goggled Peter is startled by Walter who claims he can f... more



'The Flash' Poll: Do You Want to See Earth-2 Again?

You'd never guess it from the title but "Escape from Earth-2" saw Harry, Barry and Cisco come back to their home Earth with Harry's daughter in tow. The episode closed on the breach between worlds being closed and Zoom being trapped on the other side. The Flash appears that it has shut the door on Earth-2 for a while. When Earth-2 does eventually reappear though, it should come back with a vengeance. The ... more

Casting Bits: 'OUAT' Casts Hercules, Gaius Charles Joins 'Blindspot' and More

Find out who's joining the casts of Blindspot, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and more in the latest casting news roundup. Gaius Charles on Blindspot TVLine has reported that the more

'Fringe' Star John Noble Joins 'Elementary' as New Series Regular

The father of Sherlock Holmes is about to become very involved in his son's life. Fringe and Sleepy Hollow star John Noble has joined the cast of the CBS drama Elementary, playing Sherlock's wealthy and mysterious father. And it won't be a quick visit as Noble is coming aboard as a series regular. more


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