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Originally, the series was to be titled The 13th Hour, but producer Frank Mancuso, Jr. thought this would turn away viewers and instead took the name Friday the 13th to deliberately draw in audiences. Despite this title, the series has no story connections to the film series of the same name, as Jason Voorhees does not make an appearance, nor does any character connected to the more
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Friday the 13th: The Series: SEASON 3, EPISODE 20: The Charnel Pit | TVBuzer

Aired: May 26,1990

Micki is sent through a two-way time portal contained within a painting and finds herself at the mercy of the Marquis de Sade.... more

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The Shaman's Apprentice

At Riverview Hospital, Dr. Lamar is working on a patient while Dr. John White Cloud tries to advise. Lamar is offended and notes that he’s doing charity cases for White Cloud’s clinic. The patient starts bleeding in the chest and Lamar tries to clamp the bleeding. White Cloud warns that it will cause a stroke but Lamar ignores him and goes ahead. Afterward, Lamar tells White Cloud that he’s taking away all privileges, forcing his clinic to shut down. At the reservation, Spotted Owl and his ... more

The Butcher

One Year Ago Herr Mueller and his assistant break into a long-lost vault just ahead of the police. Mueller thanks his assistant for helping him escape as he opens an airtight vault. Inside is the body of an S.S. officer, his throat cut open. Mueller says that the dead man, Rausch, was the intended successor to Hitler. He lights candle and lets the corpse thaw, and then takes out an amulet with a swastika on it and invokes Thule, calling upon the servants of Valhalla to give the body life. ... more

A Friend to the End

An elderly couple, Howard and Marjorie Harper, remove the corpse of Richard Wadwell, 1879-1891, from a mausoleum and take him home. They place the corpse in an antique child’s coffin and admire it for a moment. The doorbell rings and Marjorie goes to answer it. She brings in a Miss Ramsukha, a nanny they hired, and Marjorie informs her husband that she has no friends or family. They take Ramsukha into the room and lock the door behind her. Ramsukha looks inside the coffin and the corpse leaps up and gra... more



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