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Episode Summary: Raimy makes a discovery that stops her cold. She quickly reaches out to Frank on the ham and voices her concerns. Meanwhile, truths are revealed.
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Season 1 Finale Frank and Raimy Continue to Fight Fate

On the season 1 finale of Frequency, "Signal Loss," a ghost from the past causes Raimy to question if she and Frank missed something in the Nightingale case. Later, father and daughter learn the killer's real identity. Not only does Raimy have her life back, but things are different for those around her as well. Julie graduated med school and became a doctor, and stay-at-home dad, Gordo, followed in his dad's footsteps and is a lawyer. Satch is also still happily married to wife, Leah. more



The CW Officially Cancels 'No Tomorrow' and 'Frequency'

In a decision that should come as no shock to anyone, the CW has officially canceled its two freshman shows from the Fall, No Tomorrow and Frequency. Both shows failed to receive a back-order, meaning they both ended at mid-season with just 13 episodes. No Tomorrow and Frequency were low-r... more

'No Tomorrow' and 'Frequency' to Get Closure If Cancelled

The CW isn't exactly clear about the fate of No Tomorrow and Frequency but it doesn't take a genius to understand what the newcomers' exclusion from The CW's renewal announcement means. Both shows are expected to conclude after 13 episodes and, considering the network doesn't intend to go beyond the initial order, it's safe to assume that both freshmen series are doomed to cancellation. "We had no in... more

'No Tomorrow' and 'Frequency' Not Picked Up for More Episodes

Things aren't looking good for the future of either new CW drama. According to Deadline, both No Tomorrow and Frequency have not been picked up for any additional episodes this season past their 13-episode orders. Find out all the details on these CW freshmen series below. Frequency is a procedural drama that deals with a father and daughter who conne... more


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