Aired: Apr 23, 2019 , Tuesday at 22:00 on FX


Episode Summary: As Gwen and Bob pursue separate projects, Gwen thinks back to the beginning of her career, and the circumstances that led her here.
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Me and My Baby

The spotlight turned away from Bobby and from the Fosse/Verdon pairing to reveal a bit about Gwen's life. On Fosse/Verdon Season 1 Episode 3, Gwen and Bobby are not only divorced but working separately, putting stress on both of them. From all directions, Gwen seems to be getting hit over the head with references to her past, and she doesn't like it much. It seems the jury is out on the truth behind Gwen's early life. Depending on where you find your informat... more



TV Shows We Quit in 2019

It’s official: with the amount of scripted series alone hitting the 500 mark and refusing to stop there, there is just too much content available to keep up with all of it. But although the quantity of series offered continues to grow, that does not automatically mean the quality increases as well. As such, no one should feel bad if they have to let go of a new show, no matter how buzzed-about or once-beloved it may be. In keeping with that sentiment, here are all the series the Variety staff stopped watching in 2019. more

Michelle Williams Calls Out Pay Inequality in Emmys Speech: 'Listen to Her, Believe Her'

“Fosse/Verdon” star Michelle Williams thanked a lot of people Sunday night for her lead actress Emmy, but her biggest thanks went to the show’s network for its pay practices. “I see this as an acknowledgement of what is possible when a woman is trusted and feels safe enough to voice her needs and respected enough to be heard … my bosses never presumed to know better than I did about what I nee... more


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