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Foreign Correspondent has been Australia's leading international current affairs program since 1992. For over two decades reporters, producers, camera operators and sound recordists have travelled more than 170 countries and produced more than 1,600 reports. The program draws on the ABC's extensive network of international correspondents and a Sydney-based reporting and p more
...roduction team. Foreign Correspondent reports on major international issues but it also travels to places where reporters and camera operators are less welcome - investigating stories that governments don't want told.
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Exclusive: Eric Campbell Discusses Tonight's Episode of ABC Australia's Foreign Correspondent

In the episode of 'Foreign Correspondent' airing tonight on ABC, Eric Campbell heads to an area outside of Tibet, following the journey of musician Tenzin Choegyal, a native Tibetan who has been invited to perform at a royal event in the area. The show follows Eric and Tenzin as they head to the remote kingdom of Mustang, an area that remains very undeveloped, as the locals react to a plan to connect them to the ... more Comments

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