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Set in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Federal Court, aka “The Mother Court,” For the People follows brand new lawyers working for both the defense and the prosecution as they handle the most high profile and high stakes cases in the country – all as their personal lives intersect.
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For the People Episode Guide | TVBuzer

For the People Episode Guide


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AIRED ON May 16,2019

Season 2: Episode 10


  • Season 2

      For the People Season 2 Episode 10: A Choice Between Two Things | TVBuzer
      On Election Day, Jay turns to Kate and the team for help after his parents and other voters are illegally intimidated at their polling place...
    • 05/09/19
      Sandra and Kate's relationship is put to the test when they go head-to-head over a high-profile bank robbery case. On the defense side, Alis...
    • Moral Suasion
      Episode 8
      Allison defends a man arrested for selling illegal cigarettes and is determined to get him released without bail. Elsewhere, Judge Byrne is ...
    • The Boxer
      Episode 7
      Sandra is tasked with negotiating a plea agreement for a homeless man accused of trespassing a national wildlife refuge. However, she later ...
    • 04/11/19
      Leonard takes on one of the country's best and most prolific litigators in a case that leads him to grapple with his personal feelings relat...
    • 04/04/19
      Sandra urges Kate to take on a case against a very powerful and well-respected judge who is accused of wrongfully sentencing young children ...
    • 03/28/19
      The team in the public defender's office takes on the case of a young man accused of strangling a woman to death and are determined to prove...
    • Seth becomes committed to taking an immune international diplomat to trial so he can get out of general crime and onto a more senior unit. S...
    • 03/14/19
      Tina faces legal consequences as she defiantly insists on protecting a young boy after his father, a witness in Leonard's case, has a run-in...
    • First Inning
      Episode 1
      Sandra, with the help of new investigator Ted, must defend a teenage gamer whose online argument leads to a police raid that ends with the d...
  • Season 1
    • 05/22/18
      Sandra defends a hydrologist accused of spying for the Chinese government, but the similarities between this and a former case she lost has ...
    • Sandra goes the extra mile for a client when she goes up against the FBI and ends up in one of the most unexpected and compromising situatio...
    • Flippity-Flop
      Episode 8
      Jill and Roger's complicated friendship is tested when they finally square off over a DEA raid that left an inmate clinging to life. Meanwhi...
    • 05/01/18
      Leonard is forced to confront some longstanding insecurities when his new high-stakes case leads him to question what is right and what is w...
    • 04/17/18
      Allison defends a man accused of stealing supplies intended for victims of a devastating island hurricane and goes up against Celia Chavez, ...
    • 04/10/18
      Judge Byrne finds himself at a crossroads in his career when he presides over a case that requires a disproportionate mandatory minimum sent...
    • 04/03/18
      After Seth learns that the people of his hometown and former elementary school in Lincoln, Nebraska, have become seriously ill due to ground...
    • Sandra and Kate go head-to-head on a high-profile case involving a young woman accused of leaking classified information, but they learn to ...
    • Rahowa
      Episode 2
      The six young lawyers are determined to bring home wins during their second round of cases; Jay must set aside his personal feelings as he d...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      The series premiere of the drama about six talented young lawyers who work on opposite sides of the law and handle the most high-profile and...
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