Feed The Beast

Aired: Jun 07, 2016 , Tuesday at 22:00 on AMC


Episode Summary: Tommy and Dion court an unlikely investor, Tommy's estranged father. Meanwhile, TJ's troubles at school lead to a dangerous misunderstanding at home.
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Tommy Reunites with His Father

In this episode of Feed the Beast, "Father of the Year," Tommy goes to his estranged father with a business opportunity, Dion hustles to make a deadline, Pilar is put in a difficult position and a violent confrontation occurs.Tommy may have decided to open a restaurant with Dion, but his attitude hasn't improved. He's still surly, still drinking and still hates his job as a wine rep. Talking about Thirio (beast) in the abstract and getting the money to make it a reality are two very different things, and ... more

Father of the Year

So, Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 2 is titled "Father of the Year," which really shouldn't be surprising. In one episode, the show has already declared itself willing to embrace every masculine cliche in the television handbook – why wouldn't it tackle daddy issues? Said daddy issues are between Tommy and his estranged father, Aidan. The two haven't spoken in ten years, so you know that when Tommy asks Aidan for money so that he and Dion can launch their dream restaurant, it's not going to go... more



David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess to star in AMC's Feed the Beast

David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess are set to star in AMC's new drama series Feed the Beast. David Schwimmer will play Tommy with Jim Sturgess playing Dion and they are a couple of friends who are more like brothers. Dion is unable to stay out of trouble and ... more


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