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Episode Summary: Logan's true intentions are unveiled; the mission hangs in the balance as Luciana, Sarah and Dwight try to negotiate; Alicia and Strand embark on a rescue mission to save a new survivor at a familiar structure; a dangerous threat makes itself known.
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Leave What You Don't RECAP and REVIEWS (1)

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  • Leave What You Don't

    Leave What You Don't

    Maybe there's life in this old dog yet. 

    Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 said goodbye to Logan and introduced a brand new band of villains who can only be described as the Saviors on wheels. 

    Even though Logan was a horrible villain, there was a total of zero character development for him aside from this installment, and that's a little frustrating. 

    It makes it seem like the showrunners are planning the show as they go as opposed to having an arc mapped out ahead of time. 

    If we got insight into Logan's past ahead of this installment then maybe it would have all felt worthwhile. 

    His last-minute epiphany didn't feel organic. It felt like a plot device to get viewers to feel for him before wiping him from existence. 

    The truth is, Logan has been the worst since he arrived on the scene. There were never really any stakes, which made episodes predictable because everyone survived under the most ...



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