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Buckle your seatbelts motor fans. The all-new season of Fast N' Loud will take viewers on a wild ride as Richard Rawlings and his team at Gas Monkey Garage push their limits further than ever before. This season, Richard is putting everything on the line in hopes of taking Gas Monkey Garage to new heights and a new level of success in the hotrod world.
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Fast N' Loud Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Fast N' Loud Episode Guide


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AIRED ON May 25,2020

Season 13: Episode 9

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AIRS ON June 01,2020

Season 13: Episode 10


  • Season 13
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 06/01/20 AT 10:00 PM ON Discovery Channel

      Fast N' Loud Season 13 Episode 10: Fanning The Favorites | TVBuzer
      Hot-rod hunter Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew celebrate their fans with a countdown of fan-voted favorite builds, breakouts and bl...
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 05/25/20 AT 10:00 PM ON Discovery Channel

      Fast N' Loud Season 13 Episode 9: Flippin' The Bird | TVBuzer
      The guys face a seven-day deadline to raise their '67 Firebird from the ashes. Meanwhile, Richard heads to the boondocks of Tokio, TX, to se...
    • 05/18/20
      The Monkeys start out with a quick-and-easy flip on a '67 Firebird convertible that quickly turns into a full-on Gas Monkey build the guys d...
    • Galaxie Quest
      Episode 7
      The Monkeys sprint to wrap up the '68 Ford Galaxie XL before its owner comes to Dallas. Meanwhile, the guys dig through barn grime and dust ...
    • 05/04/20
      The guys set a seven-day deadline to bust the rust off a '68 Ford Galaxie XL. Next, Richard pairs up with Variety Motorsports to knock out a...
    • 04/27/20
      Richard pays big bucks hoping to use a '63 Cadillac for a quick flip project. The guys do a bang-up job on a budget but Jason goes rogue and...
    • 04/20/20
      The Monkeys race to finish their Buick Indy Racer for a deep-pocket client. Next, a collector wheels and deals for Richard's 1975 Datsun 280...
    • 04/13/20
      Richard races toward a vintage payday by restoring his '37 Buick Racer back to its Indy 500 roots. Meanwhile, the guys buy a one-owner '77 B...
    • 04/06/20
      The Monkeys begin work on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler -- the second of two jeeps they're customizing for the Gary Sinise Foundation's Veteran's Day...
    • 03/30/20
      Gas Monkey teams up with the Gary Sinise Foundation to build a custom '81 Jeep CJ7 as a throwback tribute to the soldiers for Veteran's Day....
  • Season 12
    • Monkey Men
      Episode 13
      Richard Rawlings and the band of Monkeys go deep into Gas Monkey Garage history; includes rare moments and cringe-worthy events as Richard a...
    • 09/22/19
      The Monkeys put the pedal to the metal in their final attempt to finish the '72 Buick Riviera super-build in time for SEMA. The team's integ...
    • Thunderstruck
      Episode 11
      Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkeys battle numerous setbacks including an act of God as they race to finish their old-time NASCAR tribute b...
    • 09/16/19
      It's a double-barreled blast of NASCAR as Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkeys dive into stock car racing. First they turn a '52 Chevy Coupe...
    • 09/09/19
      Barry Williams hires Richard and his crew to build the Brady Bunch station wagon with bad-ass Gas Monkey attitude for an event that's only 3...
    • Brady Car
      Episode 8
      When Barry Williams asks Richard and the Monkeys to recreate the iconic Brady Bunch station wagon for HGTV, Richard can't say no. But with o...
    • 08/26/19
      The Monkeys prepare Richard's beloved '68 Mustang for the prestigious Shelby Mustang Meet and Richard buys a one-of-a-kind van once owned by...
    • 08/19/19
      The Monkeys find themselves in a hot-rod dilemma when their 1950's flat-head isn't tailor-made for their '33 Ford pickup, as a looming deadl...
    • 08/12/19
      Richard makes Brian Bass an offer he can't refuse to turn his antique Ford into the ultimate Gas Monkey shop truck. And, he gets a green 197...
    • SEMA Dreamin'
      Episode 4
      The Monkeys raise the bar at Gas Monkey Garage with a mind-blowing super-build they plan to debut at SEMA....
    • 07/22/19
      The Monkeys race to be the first to drop a Hellcat motor in their '79 International Scout and fetch the world record for the most expensive ...
    • Scout's Honor
      Episode 2
      Richard Rawlings and the Monkeys forge gear-head history, to be the first to pack a '79 Scout with a 707 horsepower Hellcrate engine for a h...
    • 07/08/19
      In the season-premiere, Richard Rawlings and the Monkeys are handed a huge challenge when Chad McQueen asks them to take a 1968 Fastback Mus...
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