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Episode Summary: David is shocked to learn he is being sued for inflicting severe psychological harm on Caroline Hopkins, after he assisted in her exorcism. The accusation leads him to question his future as a priest, especially once he develops a very close connection with his defense attorney, Renee Harris.
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Exorcism Part 2

And so it begins: the dreaded love triangle. Of course, I could be completely off base, but EVIL Season 1 Episode 9 saw another leg being added to the Kristen/Acosta flirtationship with the introduction of Renée. Played by Renée Elise Goldsberry, the character Renée Harris works as a lawyer for the Catholic Church who shared a history with Acosta. Initially, naive viewers, like myself, thought the pair's only connection was through Julia, the late love of Acosta's ... more



Evil Became a Whole New Show With That Bats--t Final Scene (and We Dig It)

This ending of this week’s Evil made me scream. Not because I’d just witnessed a horrifying rehash of the Rwandan genocide, or a ghastly murder, or the near-miraculous healing of Kristen and Andy’s youngest daughter — though all those events transpired, too. The moment that had me hollering in disbelief, in entertainment, in sheer They didn’t just actually do that, d... more

'Evil': How an Unpredictable Villain Has Deepened the CBS Show's Unsettling Mysteries

After almost an entire season of trying to be a master societal manipulator, “Evil” finally pulled the curtain back on Leland Townsend’s vulnerability. Thursday night’s episode closes with him in what seems at first like an ordinary therapy session. As the camera pulls out wider, the audience sees that he’s not sitting across from a licensed, professionally-dressed psychologist, but a furry horned beast. “Evil” has proven throughout its first season that not everything ... more

Should Evil Family Move? What Was 'Crisis' Plan for Other Lex? Riverdale's F.P. Is Bulletproof? And Lots More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Blue Bloods, SNL, Watchmen, Evil, Mrs. Maisel and more! 1 | In retrospect, did Hawaii Five-0 cast Masuda (R.I.P.) a bit on the young side, to play dad to Marvel&rsq... more


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