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A skeptical female forensic psychologist joins a priest-in-training and a carpenter to investigate and assess the Church’s backlog of supposed miracles, demonic possessions and unexplained phenomena.
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Evil: SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: Book 27 | TVBuzer

Aired: January 30,2020

David, Kristen and Ben assess whether a pregnant woman is possessed when she claims one of the twins she's carrying is evil. Their investigation leads to a fertility clinic where they discover a connection to all of their encounters throughout the season. Kristen questions one of her daughters' capacity for evil upon realizing that she also used th... more



Book 27

It always comes back to possession. As much as the series flirted with other supernatural occurences, EVIL Season 1 Episode 13 really hammered home that demons and possession are at the heart of this series. Even knowing this, I still didn't see that cliffhanger coming. Of all the characters to possibly be possessed Kristen never crossed my mind. Acosta seemed like a more feasible choice, especially given his struggles with drug use. more

Justice x 2

Oh my Satan. Yes, you read that right, as it seems the series has officially taken a stance on the existence of heaven and hell. Based on the final scene of EVIL Season 1 Episode 12, it seems like Townsend is indeed a demon and was having his very own therapy session with the Devil himself.  That was something I didn't see coming, but it was a great setup for the season finale nonetheless. Something else that this episode set up was the possibility... more

Room 320

Is anyone else's head spinning right now? There are a lot of words that can be used to describe EVIL Season 1 Episode 11, but the one that comes to mind is confusing. I spent the entirety of the episode wondering if I, too, had been massively overmedicated, as I had no idea what was happening half the time, though maybe that was the point. I've lost count -- not that I was keeping track -- of what still needs to be answered, but after this episode, some questi... more



Evil: 'Evil': What The Kings Learned from the CBS Drama's Dark, Season 1 Puzzle News | TVBuzer

'Evil': What The Kings Learned from the CBS Drama's Dark, Season 1 Puzzle

Michelle and Robert King have led some of the best TV shows of the past decade, and while it’s still too early to put their latest among the ranks of “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight,” their CBS drama “Evil” took little time becoming one of the most compelling shows on network TV right now. It all starts right at the top, with each episode taking a modified cold open approach and delaying the show’s title sequence until right before the first commerci... more

Evil: Evil Finale: Is [Spoiler] Actually Possessed? Show Bosses Weigh In News | TVBuzer

Evil Finale: Is [Spoiler] Actually Possessed? Show Bosses Weigh In

Evil‘s Kristen Bouchard has had a hell of a week. Not only does she spend much of the CBS drama’s finale worried that a freed serial killer is targeting her family, she learns that the fertility clinic she and Andy used when conceiving their daughter, Lexis, is part of the unholy syndicate that’s been messing with humanity all season long. And after she perhaps commits murder — RIP, Orson LeRoux — we get a most disturbing visual: When Kristen holds a cross ... more

Evil: Evil Became a Whole New Show With That Bats--t Final Scene (and We Dig It) News | TVBuzer

Evil Became a Whole New Show With That Bats--t Final Scene (and We Dig It)

This ending of this week’s Evil made me scream. Not because I’d just witnessed a horrifying rehash of the Rwandan genocide, or a ghastly murder, or the near-miraculous healing of Kristen and Andy’s youngest daughter — though all those events transpired, too. The moment that had me hollering in disbelief, in entertainment, in sheer They didn’t just actually do that, d... more




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