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Monster-sitters Esme and Roy use the power of play to help younger monsters through familiar situations, including trying new foods and feeling scared during loud thunderstorms. Little viewers will discover positive role models, and learn how to manage their emotions with simple mindfulness practices.
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Esme & Roy Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Esme & Roy Episode Guide


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AIRED ON August 06,2020

Season 2: Episode 25


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    • Fig Do It
      Episode 34
      When Baby Fig wants to do everything herself, Esme and Roy need to teach her that it's okay to ask for help....
    • Top Dog
      Episode 35
      Simon wants to teach his dog, Willie, a new trick for the Monsterdale Dog Show....
    • 03/02/19
      It's Picture Day and the Monster Sitters are walking Tillie to school, but keeping her clean along the way proves difficult....
    • 03/09/19
      Simon wants to find the perfect present for his Grammy on Grandmonster's Day....
    • Monster Bash
      Episode 38
      The Monster Sitters are taking Hugo and Fig to the Monster Bash, but Fig can't decide on a costume....
    • Air Snugs
      Episode 39
      The Monster Sitters agree to help Mrs. Muzzywump with her errands, but Snugs becomes fixated on an airplane ride....
    • 03/16/19
      Simon wants to play with new monsters at the park, but feels too shy to introduce himself....
    • 03/23/19
      Hugo and Fig want to cook dinner for their parents, but the kitchen jobs are too dangerous. Can Esme and Roy find a way for them to help?...
    • 03/23/19
      Hugo is practicing for the Noisy Parade, and practices so much that he loses his ability to toot. How can Esme and Roy help Hugo get his too...
    • 02/23/19
      The Monster Sitters take Fig to a birthday party, but she won't let go of the present. Now, it's up to them to teach Fig the joys of giving....
    • 02/16/19
      Esme and Roy are tucking Tillie in for bed, but when they turn out the lights, Tillie starts to see things in the dark....
    • Icky Pop
      Episode 31
      Tillie is having a no-good, rotten day-- she's got a case of the Ickies! Now, it's up to Esme and Roy to find the cure....
    • 02/09/19
      Simon has watched enough of his favorite TV show, so Esme and Roy take him outside. But will they be able to find anything more amazing than...
    • When Hugo and Fig don't want to share their Monster Sitters, Esme and Roy need to get creative and teach them how to take turns....
    • Beach Bummer
      Episode 28
      It's Simon's first time at the beach and Esme and Roy want to show him a great time, but everything keeps going wrong....
    • Achoo, Matey
      Episode 27
      Snugs has a bad case of the Sneezles and needs to rest in bed, but he has a hard time staying put....
    • Tilliesaurus
      Episode 43
      When Tillie wants to play with real dinosaurs, Esme and Roy need to think of the next best thing....
    • 03/30/19
      Simon goes to Tillie's house for a playdate, but she has a hard time sharing her toys. Now, it's up to Esme and Roy to help them take turns....
    • Officer Tillie
      Episode 45
      Tillie loves playing with her new police car, but she's zooming around so fast that it's hard for her friends to play with her....
    • Fuzzy Ball
      Episode 46
      Snugs wants to learn a new game, but when it starts to get difficult, he gives up. Can Esme and Roy convince him to stick with it?...
    • 04/13/19
      Hugo is busy running a crafts store when Fig starts a competing business. Can the Monster Sitters get the little monsters to work together?...
    • 04/13/19
      At bedtime, Hugo wants to keep playing with his Monster Sitters. Can Esme and Roy make going to bed fun, too?...
    • Stroller Derby
      Episode 49
      When Hugo forgets his lunchbox, Esme and Roy decide to take it to him at school - but Fig won't get in her stroller....
    • The Inside Job
      Episode 50
      Snugs is having lots of fun at the park when it starts to get really chilly. Can the Monster Sitters convince Snugs to come inside and warm ...
    • Party Time
      Episode 51
      Esme and Roy find out that five little monsters are coming over, so they decide to throw a party. But things don't go according to plan....
    • 04/27/19
      Simon comes to Tillie's house for a big race, but soon discovers that he doesn't like racing. Esme and Roy need to find a way for them to pl...
    • Block Party
      Episode 26
      Esme and Roy are watching Tillie. Mr. Plink tells them that Tillie needs to clean up her blocks in the backyard before she can play with her...
    • Monster Mash
      Episode 25
      Hugo, Tillie and Simon go to Monster Sitters' HQ for a dance party. Every time Simon tries to dance like his friends, though, his arms start...
    • Training Day
      Episode 24
    • 11/03/18
      Simon is visiting Monster Sitters' HQ and brings his telescope so that he can see the Great Swoozle Comet fly across the sky when the time i...
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