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Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escapes to Manhattan where his wealthy father forces him to live with his worst nightmare – a sober companion, Dr. Watson. A successful surgeon until she lost a patient and her license three years ago, Watson views her current job as another opportunity to help people, as well as paying a penance. more
...Holmes resumes his work as a police consultant in New York City and Watson has no choice but to accompany her irascible new charge on his jobs. But Sherlock finds her medical background helpful, and Watson realizes she has a knack for playing investigator. With the mischievous Sherlock Holmes now running free in New York solving crimes, it’s simple deduction that he’s going to need someone to keep him grounded, and it’s elementary that it’s a job for Watson.
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Elementary Episode Guide


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Season 7: Episode 5

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  • Season 7
    • On the Scent
      Episode 9
    • 07/11/19
    • 07/04/19
      Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a criminal who made his living by stealing from other criminals. Also, when Captain Gregson resu...
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 06/27/19 AT 10:00 PM ON CBS

      Elementary Season 7 Episode 6: Command: Delete | TVBuzer
      Tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach presents Holmes and Watson with an extraordinary offer to help him with a program that can predict future ...

      Elementary Season 7 Episode 5: Into the Woods | TVBuzer
      Tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach hires Holmes and Watson to investigate a personal threat he suspects originated from within his own compan...
    • 06/13/19
      An explosion at a traffic stop puts Holmes and Watson on two separate tracks of investigation as they try to determine whether the attack wa...
    • 06/06/19
      Holmes takes extreme measures to secure his return to New York when he leans on his father's disreputable connections to aid his legal re-en...
    • Gutshot
      Episode 2
      Holmes and Watson try to work a stateside investigation from London when someone close to them in the U.S. is gravely wounded by an unknown ...
    • 05/23/19
      Holmes and Watson's new careers as consultants for Scotland Yard in London take them inside the tabloid journalism industry when a popular m...
  • Season 6
    • Holmes and Watson face their greatest challenge to date when a murder investigation threatens to destroy their partnership....
    • Fit to Be Tied
      Episode 20
      Holmes and Watson's deadly conflict with Sherlock's former friend Michael intensifies when their newest victim looks to be the serial killer...
    • 09/03/18
      Holmes and Watson race to locate a missing woman when Harlan Emple, Holmes' friend and "Irregulars" mathematics expert, becomes the prime su...
    • Holmes and Watson search for a killer choosing victims based on the predictions of a deceased man who claimed to foresee the future deaths o...
    • Holmes and Watson investigate multiple motives for murder when a zoologist is killed because of his numerous love affairs or his trailblazin...
    • 08/13/18
      Holmes and Watson discover that the murder of a robotics engineer may be connected to his groundbreaking secret research in the area of real...
    • 08/12/18
      Holmes and Watson's investigation into the murder of a religion professor puts them on the hunt for a killer connected to the occult. Also, ...
    • 08/06/18
      Holmes and Watson race to help Detective Bell when he becomes a victim of a bio-terrorism attack at the precinct and the station is quaranti...
    • Breathe
      Episode 13
      Holmes and Watson investigate the poisoning of a relocation expert and discover the man led a decades-long secret career as a contract kille...
    • 07/23/18
      Detective Bell considers leaving the NYPD when he is recommended for a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Holmes and Watson are hired by...
    • 06/25/18
      Holmes' former sobriety sponsor, Alfredo, asks for his help with an illegal endeavor in order to save his brother. Holmes and Watson investi...
    • Sand Trap
      Episode 8
      Holmes and Watson's search for the killer of a woman found encased in cement takes them inside the clean technology industry. Watson takes a...
    • 06/11/18
      Holmes and Watson find themselves on the hunt for a serial killer after a murder rocks their inner circle. Holmes' neurological recovery reg...
    • 06/04/18
      Holmes and Watson enter the world of nuclear security when they investigate the murder of an ex-Yakuza gang member. Captain Gregson is blind...
    • 05/28/18
      Holmes and Watson retrace Holmes' steps after he finds himself in possession of a severed head and no memory of the past six hours or why he...
    • 07/16/18
      Holmes engages an old foe to protect his father after he learns Morland is in danger of being killed. Holmes and Watson search for a killer ...
    • Sherlock and his father attempt to repair their strained relationship upon learning of a death within their family. Holmes and Watson discov...
    • 05/21/18
      Watson considers making a major life change after reading her own therapy file while Holmes and she investigate the murder of her former psy...
    • 05/14/18
      Holmes and Watson enter the world of rare antiquities when they investigate a case in which victim was killed during a Revolutionary War ree...
    • 05/07/18
      Watson and her half sister, Lin, have conflicting reactions when their estranged biological father dies. Holmes and Watson find themselves o...
    • As Holmes confronts a medical diagnosis that threatens both his career and sobriety, he meets Michael, a man who credits Sherlock for helpin...
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