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Historical reenactments as narrated by inebriated history buffs as A-list comedy/acting talent perform their tale. (Based on the award-winning web series.)
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Drunk History Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Drunk History Episode Guide


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AIRED ON August 06,2019

Season 6: Episode 16


  • Season 6
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 08/06/19 AT 10:00 PM ON Comedy Central

      Drunk History Season 6 Episode 16: Bad Blood | TVBuzer
      Bad Blood
      Episode 16
      Mary Mallon spreads typhoid fever wherever she goes; Cleopatra's younger sister Arsinoe schemes her way in and out of power in Ancient Egypt...
    • S.O.S.
      Episode 15
      Navy officer Douglas Hegdahl outwits his captors when he's taken as a POW in North Vietnam; Florence Nightingale revolutionizes the field of...
    • 07/23/19
      Marina Raskova forms an all-women air force regiment to fight Nazis in World War II; smuggler James J. Andrews hijacks a Confederate train f...
    • Whistleblowers
      Episode 13
      Martha Mitchell leaks the Watergate scandal to the press before Deep Throat does; the Citizens' Commission to investigate the FBI stages an ...
    • 07/09/19
      Forest service ranger Ed Pulaski saves 40 men from a forest fire; Ted Patrick rescues teenagers from the psychological grip of the Children ...
    • Fame
      Episode 11
      Hedy Lamarr designs the first modern airplane wing, Eartha Kitt's activism provokes the ire of Lady Bird Johnson, and Alexis Pulaski's poodl...
    • Legacies
      Episode 10
      Lead Belly records songs with John Lomax that change the face of music; John Lennon and Yoko Ono almost get deported; Sam Cooke writes "A Ch...
    • 06/18/19
      Larry Walters pilots a balloon-suspended lawn chair; Phineas Gage survives an iron rod to the brain; and the Greenbrier Ghost's testimony is...
    • 03/05/19
      Colonial gossip columnist James Callender winds up dead; a Hollywood producer dies on a celebrity-filled yacht; Ken McElroy is murdered afte...
    • Femme Fatales
      Episode 7
      Journalist Maurine Dallas Watkins writes a play about Chicago's infamous Murderesses' Row; Mata Hari goes from exotic dancer to double agent...
    • Drugs
      Episode 6
      John F. Kennedy's doctor administers him meth for his back pain; Dr. John C. Lilly takes LSD while studying the intelligence of dolphins....
    • Love
      Episode 5
      People going to extremes for love, including a student who tunnels beneath the Berlin Wall, Edie Windsor topples the Defense of Marriage Act...
    • Trailblazers
      Episode 4
      Bessie Coleman is America's first black woman pilot; the students of the Little Rock Nine integrate a high school following the Brown v. Boa...
    • Baseball
      Episode 3
      Moses Fleetwood Walker faces racism in the 19th-century MLB; the Chicago White Sox are accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series...
    • 01/22/19
      John Muir convinces Teddy Roosevelt to preserve Yosemite, journalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas fights to protect the Everglades, and Native A...
    • Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen star in this episode about how teenage writer Mary Shelley created her legendary novel, "Frankenstein."...
  • Season 5
    • Halloween
      Episode 13
      A victim of the Salem witch trials curses the town; one woman changes the way people celebrate Halloween; Vlad the Impaler inspires the clas...
    • Death
      Episode 12
      Robert E. Lee's estate becomes a burial ground for Union soldiers; a gang of counterfeiters attempt to kidnap Abraham Lincoln's body; an emb...
    • 07/10/18
      Joan of Arc leads the French during the Hundred Years' War; Mongol leader Genghis Khan rises to power; Mansa Musa brings thousands of people...
    • Animals
      Episode 10
      A lawyer defends the lives of rats in court; Henry Bergh establishes the ASPCA; a horse that can solve math problems leads to advances in th...
    • Heists
      Episode 9
      An Italian handyman steals the Mona Lisa; the Santa bandits rob a bank in Texas; Mossad agents capture a Nazi general who had escaped to Arg...
    • World War II
      Episode 8
      A group of artists known as the Ghost Army trick German troops; a resistance movement grows within Japanese internment camps; Adolf Hitler's...
    • Drunk Mystery
      Episode 7
      An investigation into Agatha Christie's disappearance; the anonymous letter writer who terrorized the town of Circleville; the mastermind be...
    • Underdogs
      Episode 6
      Fred Rogers and his fight for government-funded children's TV; the female journalist who helped take down John D. Rockefeller's oil monopoly...
    • Civil Rights
      Episode 5
      A tribute to Suffragettes who fought for their rights with jujitsu; the Birmingham Children's March; disability rights activists....
    • Sex
      Episode 4
      A salute to Margaret Sanger's crusade for accessible birth control; the creation of the Kinsey scale; Gloria Steinem's undercover work at Th...
    • Game Changers
      Episode 3
      The early history of Hip hop; Berry Gordy, the man known for inventing Motown; Nichelle Nichols's activism both on and off the TV screen....
    • 01/30/18
      Taran Killam, Jerry O'Connell and Bob Odenkirk explore the lives of Jack Parsons, occultist cofounder of the Jet Propulsion Lab; W.C. Minor,...
    • Heroines
      Episode 1
      A tribute to the first woman to fight in the Revolutionary War and receive a pension; a museum curator who saved art from the Nazis; Civil W...
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