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The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS. The Doctor has a long list of friends and companions who have shared journeys along the way. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to “regenerate” into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration.
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Doctor Who Episode Guide


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  • Season 11
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 01/01/19 AT 06:45 PM ON BBC one

      Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 11: Resolution | TVBuzer
      Episode 11
      As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring from across the centuries of Earth's history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz retu...
    • On the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos, lies the remains of a brutal battlefield. But as the Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan answer nine separate d...
    • 12/02/18
      On the edge of a Norwegian fjord, in the present day, The Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz discover a boarded-up cottage and a girl named Hanne ...
    • 11/25/18
      The Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz arrive in 17th century Lancashire and become embroiled in a witch trial, run by the local landowner. As fea...
    • Kerblam!
      Episode 7
      "Delivery for the Doctor!" A mysterious message arrives in a package addressed to the Doctor, leading her, Graham, Yaz and Ryan to investiga...
    • 11/11/18
      "What's the point of having a mate with a time machine, if you can't nip back and see your gran when she was younger?" India, 1947. The Doct...
    • 11/04/18
      "Risk to life: absolute." Injured and stranded in the wilds of a far-flung galaxy, The Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan must band together with ...
    • 10/28/18
      "Something's happening with the spiders in this city." The Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan find their way back to Yorkshire - and Yaz's family ...
    • Rosa
      Episode 3
      Montgomery, Alabama. 1955. The Doctor and her friends find themselves in the Deep South of America. As they encounter a seamstress by the na...
    • 10/14/18
      Still reeling from their first encounter, can the Doctor and her new friends stay alive long enough in a hostile alien environment to solve ...
    • "We don't get aliens in Sheffield." In a South Yorkshire city, Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan and Graham O'Brien are about to have their lives c...
  • Season 10
    • The Doctors
      Episode 13
    • 07/01/17
      "Without hope, without witness, without reward." The Mondasian Cybermen are on the rise. It's time for the Doctor's final battle......
    • 06/24/17
      Friendship drives the Doctor into the rashest decision of his life. Trapped on a giant spaceship, caught in the event horizon of a black hol...
    • 06/17/17
      A long time ago, the ninth legion of the Roman army vanished into the mists of Scotland. Bill has a theory about what happened, and the Doct...
    • 06/10/17
      The Doctor, Bill and Nardole arrive on Mars and find themselves in an impossible conflict between Ice Warriors... and Victorian soldiers. As...
    • 06/03/17
      Earth has been invaded and Bill is living alone, an isolated figure surviving in occupied Britain. The Doctor is imprisoned and appears to b...
    • An 'ancient' pyramid appears overnight. Every clock in the world begins counting down to the Earth's destruction. Three opposing armies lie ...
    • Extremis
      Episode 6
      In the Haereticum - the Vatican's secret library of blasphemy - there is an ancient book known only as The Veritas. Throughout history, anyo...
    • Oxygen
      Episode 5
      The Doctor, Bill and Nardole answer a distress call in deep space, and find themselves trapped on board space station Chasm Forge. All but f...
    • Knock Knock
      Episode 4
      Bill is moving in with some friends and they've found the perfect house - so what if it's strangely cheap to rent, and the landlord is a lit...
    • Thin Ice
      Episode 3
      The Doctor and Bill visit London during the last of the River Thames frost fairs in February 1814. They soon discover that there is somethin...
    • Smile
      Episode 2
      In the far future, at the edge of the galaxy, there is a gleaming, perfect city. This brand new human settlement is said to hold the secret ...
    • The Pilot
      Episode 1
      A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space. Bill's mind is opened to a Universe...
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