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Current affairs series examining the issues affecting the lives of people around Scotland
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Disclosure Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Disclosure Episode Guide


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AIRED ON August 24,2020

Season 2: Episode 14


  • Season 2
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 08/24/20 AT 07:30 PM ON BBC One

      Disclosure Season 2 Episode 14: Locked Down and Shut Out | TVBuzer
      Investigation into life for people with disabilities in the pandemic and the challenges they face as lockdown eases....
    • 08/17/20
      Investigating the impact of the pandemic on Scotland's hardest hit area, Inverclyde. Sam Poling explores why this part of the west of Scotla...
    • 07/28/20
      Reporter Mark Daly investigates the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our care homes. With more than 2,000 deaths in homes linked to Cov...
    • Lisa Summers examines claims that design flaws at Glasgow's state-of-the-art hospital have helped cause infection to spread there. Are hard-...
    • 05/11/20
      Investigation into government handling of the Covid 19 pandemic. Reporter Mark Daly investigates the decisions made and asks whether Scotlan...
    • 04/27/20
      Following workers on the frontline as they care for Scotland's sick and vulnerable, while trying to keep themselves safe. Samantha Poling...
    • 03/23/20
      Investigation into the rise in so-called 'rough sex'. As our understanding of consent is blurred by ever more violent porn, the results can ...
    • 03/16/20
      Investigation into allegations that the North Sea oil industry is complicit in exploiting workers in India....
    • With growing numbers opting for cosmetic surgery through high street clinics, what happens when things go wrong?...
    • The Lost Boys
      Episode 5
      Suicide in Scotland is at a five-year high. Reporter Chris Clements returns to his home town of Wishaw to ask why young men there are killin...
    • It's been the longest and most expensive equal pay battle in the country. The headlines would have you believe that the women won. Reporter ...
    • 06/17/19
      Fiona Stalker travels around Scotland to investigate the spread of Lyme disease. One tiny tick under the skin can cause chronic illness but ...
    • Follows two Scottish mums smuggling prescription cannabis into the country to give to their seriously ill sons....
    • 10/07/19
      Game is a multi-million pound global industry selling men pick-up techniques to get women from the street into bed as quickly as possible. M...
  • Season 1
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