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When FBI Agent Peter Connelly, recently stationed in Jerusalem, begins investigating the murder of a young American, he realizes that he’s uncovered an ancient international conspiracy that threatens to change the course of human history. Certain that the dangerous prophecy is nearing fruition, Peter must race against the clock to unravel its mystery. From a remote farm in Norw more
...ay, to an enigmatic compound in New Mexico, to the serpentine tunnels of Jerusalem, he searches for the truth, the revelation of which will shake the world's beliefs to its very core.
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Dig: SEASON 1, EPISODE 11: Armageddon Protocol | TVBuzer

Aired: May 07,2015

Peter races to stop the Order of Moriah's plans of destroying the Temple Mount.... more



The Mystery Begins

A red heifer, modern day Jerusalem and a high priest's breastplate. A story revolving around these things probably sound pretty out there, right? Well, it's not. While DIG is centered on Peter Connelly, an FBI agent who took off across the world to escape the grief of losing his daughter, the mystery that will be unfolding around him is all too real to many people. There is little I enjoy more than an end of world or a broad sweeping religious scenario, and when you get right down ... more

Catch You Later

The connections of the mystery reach farther than expected. In the final minutes of DIG Season 1 Episode 2, another piece of the puzzle consisting of the stones and the breastplate, which I assume is also connected to the Joshes and therefore the heifer, was revealed. Did you see that one coming? Perhaps just by the nature of her overall unwelcome demeanor it was to be expected. When you're unpleasant, you're not necessarily a good guy. Or something. This installment... more

Meet the Rosenbergs

Oh Yussef, you really should have checked which episode you were in before you started killing people to get the 12th and final stone for the high priest's breastplate! Don't you sometimes wish you could poke your fingers into the set and let the characters know those things? There wasn't a snowball's chance in hell Yussef was getting his fingers on the final stone in DIG Season 1 Episode 3. We aren't even certain who all the players are yet. Slow down fella! DIG continues to be e... more



Dig: Casting Bits: 'X-Files' Adds Robbie Amell, 'Gotham' Picks up Michael Chiklis and More News | TVBuzer

Casting Bits: 'X-Files' Adds Robbie Amell, 'Gotham' Picks up Michael Chiklis and More

In the latest casting news, Arrow, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and The X-Files announce the newest actors joining their rosters and the characters that they're set to play. Read below for the latest casting roundup: Jimmy Akingbola on Arr... more

Dig: 'Dig' Exclusive Interview: Lauren Ambrose on [Spoiler's] Death News | TVBuzer

'Dig' Exclusive Interview: Lauren Ambrose on [Spoiler's] Death

Debbie's life wasn't easy before she joined Tad Billingham's cult and once she realized the truth about what she was involved with, she stood up for what she thought was right. She didn't take the easy path and instead put herself in danger to protect an innocent boy. [Spoilers] At the exact moment that Debbie felt at peace and that she was on the right path that boy slit her throat and killed her. TVBuz caught up with Lauren Ambrose to get her take on Debbie's path, shooting the final car scene, Debbie's faith and more. ... more

Dig: [Video] 'DIG' Exclusive Clip: Will Debbie Be Saved? News | TVBuzer

[Video] 'DIG' Exclusive Clip: Will Debbie Be Saved?

Debbie led a difficult and troubled life before she became a follower of Billingham. Will the strength she gained from that time could be her saving grace now? As she sits chained in a room, her resolve and determination are stronger than ever on DIG Season 1 Episode 5, "Emma Wilson's Father." In this exclusive clip, Debbie attempts to get through to Sandra about what's going on. While a smoothie, a brush and a required dress might be nice, that's not what Debbie wants. She wants to set things right. "Did you think about what we talk... more




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