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A young computer engineer, Lily, investigates the secretive development division of her employer, a cutting-edge tech company based in San Francisco, which she believes is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend.
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Devs: SEASON 1, EPISODE 8: Episode 8 | TVBuzer

Aired: April 16,2020

Lily arrives for her final confrontation with Forest and Katie.... more



The End Is Near

There is only one episode left. DEVS has reached its final stretch. On DEVS Season 1 Episode 7, the end is near.  Penultimate episodes are often even more important than finales. If the central conflict of the finale isn't properly set up in the preceding episode, audiences won't be left with a sense of closure.  DEVS seems to be avoiding this misstep. We've now entered the final stage of DEVS, and there seems to be little left to unravel.  ... more

Romance in Sci-Fi?

Was that almost a feel-good episode of DEVS? In a show that's been mostly non-stop plot twists and tech jargon, DEVS Season 1 Episode 6 had the closest thing to a happy ending we've gotten thus far.  It was a nice change of pace, since DEVS has been turning into a convoluted explanation of the multiverse theory in the past few episodes. But this time we got moments with these characters that provided backstory and context for the events to come. With only tw... more

Episode 5

This episode provided a lot of information at once.  On DEVS Season 1 Episode 5, we learned the background stories of multiple characters and the ultimate motivation behind DEVS. This series is now in its final act, with only three more episodes to come after this. It was nice to see Sergei again in more than one brief flashback. This time around we got to see how he and Lily met and how they fell in love. It's still frustrating that Sergei had to ... more



Devs: What We're Watching While Taking Covid-19 Precautions: 'Devs', 'Mimic' and... 'I, Claudius' News | TVBuzer

What We're Watching While Taking Covid-19 Precautions: 'Devs', 'Mimic' and... 'I, Claudius'

OK, let’s admit it, the Venn diagram of those of us who write about film and TV for a living and those of us who have a Vitamin D deficiency just looks like two big overlapping circles. But in our attempt to flatten the curve and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in our communities, IndieWire’s team is spending even more time in front of our screens than usual. Between advance screeners provided to press, huge libraries of TV content on DVD sitting on shelves, and our own fiscally irresponsible number of subscriptions to st... more

Devs: Why Did Devs Computer Code Make Sergei Hurl? 'Seeing It Was Pure Terror' News | TVBuzer

Why Did Devs Computer Code Make Sergei Hurl? 'Seeing It Was Pure Terror'

Midway through its first episode, Alex Garland’s Devs launched a mystery that was so intense, it made coder Sergei literally lose his lunch. Welcomed into the Devs division’s super-secret, super-secure Cube, Sergei was invited by Amaya founder Forest (played by Nick Offerman) to simply claim a desk and read the computer code scrolling before him. As Sergei did that, his face slowly transitioned from mildly curious to surprised… to then downright alarmed. Sickened, in fact. ... more

Devs: Everything You Need to Know About FX on Hulu News | TVBuzer

Everything You Need to Know About FX on Hulu

There’s FX, there is Hulu, and now, thanks to Disney’s ongoing absorption of almost every corner of the entertainment industry, there is FX on Hulu. Alongside the debut of Alex Garland’s acclaimed “Devs” on March 5, consumers can experience the premiere of the new initiative, which is only available to Hulu subscribers. That’s right — despite the FX name behind it, “Devs” doesn’t air on linear TV. You can’t flip to FX the network a... more




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