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Episode Summary: When a massive fire breaks out and the LAFD needs the help of the Sheriff's department, one of Bill's deputies discovers a suspicious car in the forest that leads them to a missing girl. Maggie learns the consequences of Bill's new job when reporters stake out their house for answers. Meanwhile, Cade and Teresa try to figure out the best way to broach an unc more
...omfortable conversation with their foster children
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10-8 Search and Rescue RECAP and REVIEWS (1)

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  • Search and Rescue

    Search and Rescue

    Was David Arquette the right man to play the off-kilter pedophile on Deputy Season 1 Episode 7?

    Maybe it was just me, but he played the part with almost cartoonish villainy which put a strain on the credibility of that story.

    Of course, the woman who played his wife did the same, but they were minor quibbles in an hour that reflected Deputy's views on parenting, fatherhood, and mentoring, in general.

    It's the first time that a case didn't relate almost directly to any of the characters, but there was still a symbiotic relationship between the story of a young woman who had been kidnapped and Bill's family.

    It's those kinds of relationships in storytelling that I enjoy, so I appreciate the effort taken to connect the two.

    Bill's sudden wave of good fortune on the job front has created a lot of new issues for his family.

    I suppose his cowboy ways and getting a powerful position within the county is the in...



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