Aired: May 27, 2018 , Sunday at 22:00 on ABC


Episode Summary: The team goes up against the mystery woman in a battle of dueling deceptions. Just when Cameron thinks he finally has the upper hand, the mystery woman unleashes her most game-changing twist yet.
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'Deception' Exclusive Interview and Sneak Peek: Is Cameron Dead?

Deception left the audience gasping by ending the last episode with Cameron gasping for his final breath in a room with no air. When the show returns tonight with "Multiple Outs," the series turns time back to show what happened after Cameron was kidnapped, why he helped the Mystery Woman with the robbery and then finally reveals whether Cameron died in that room or not. With Jonathan out of prison and helping the FBI, we've gotten to know Jonathan a little better and able to see ... more

[Watch] 'Deception' Exclusive Clip: How Does Someone Disappear in Front of Your Eyes?

The intrigue into what's happening to Cameron and Jonathan Black intensified after the run-in with the street artist, Bishop, and the revelation that the mystery woman is involved in everything that's happened. On this Sunday's "Black Art," the team is thrust into a new case when Cameron's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped in a mysterious manner. Meanwhile, Jonathan is tasked with cracking a crucial puzzle. There are two equally important mysteries being solved in "Black Art." Cameron gets pulled back into his ex-girlfriend's life when she ... more


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