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High school outcast Josh is searching for his missing girlfriend in post apocalyptic Glendale when he is joined by a group of misfits. Together, as they fight against the terror of the apocalypse, they wind up facing many strange things.
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Daybreak (2019) Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Daybreak (2019) Episode Guide



  • Season 1
    • Can Principal Burr be defeated? Are Josh and Sam truly meant to be? And what exactly is Crumble, anyway? It's epic conclusion time....
    • As Josh and Eli head back to the high school for very different reasons, Principal Burr lays down the law and seeks help from the smart kids...
    • Post Mates
      Episode 8
      Before the apocalypse hits, Josh and Sam ditch school for the day. However, their plan for romance and relaxation doesn't work out the way t...
    • Canta Tu Vida
      Episode 7
      Josh boots Wesley, Eli and Angelica from the mall after learning the truth about Sam. Also, Crumble searches for her truth -- and something ...
    • 5318008
      Episode 6
      As Turbo and Mona Lisa search for the traitor to their tribe, Josh and KJ venture into the wilds, and Angelica navigates a milestone on her ...
    • Imagining his legacy as narrated by RZA, Wesley plans a homecoming dance while Eli campaigns for the crown and Angelica tries to set up Josh...
    • 10/24/19
      Josh vows to avenge a death he's been tricked into believing. Principal Burr sheds a little light on one of his more difficult students....
    • What makes Angelica tick, tick, tick? The misunderstood child sociopath with a heart of gold breaks it down while searching for antibiotics ...
    • Schmuck Bait!
      Episode 2
      Josh, Angelica and Wesley take refuge in a pristine mall, match wits with its annoying "owner" and cross paths with a familiar witch....
    • Sure, Los Angeles is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it's not all bad. In fact, for C-student survivor Josh Wheeler, it's a big improv...
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