Dare Me

Aired: Dec 29, 2019 , Sunday at 22:00 on USA Network

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Episode Summary: The arrival of the starry new cheer coach Colette French threatens Addy and Beth's tight bond.
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Coup d'État

Welcome to Sutton Grove. The land of Friday night football games, late-night bonfires, underage drinking, and cheerleaders galore. It’s a Midwestern town that’s seen better days, and like many small towns across the states, it has been hit hard by the wayward economy. But Sutton Grove and its decline are just a piece of the story Dare Me Season 1 Episode 1 begins to tell.  Mainstream movies about cheerleading tend to air on the side of comedy, but the world of Dar... more



'Dare Me': A Perspective-Twisting Hour Is One of the Best TV Episodes of the Year So Far

The opening of each episode of “Dare Me” is its own pearl, presenting the audience with a mystifying piece of visual information that hints at where things might be heading. In the case of Episode 5, that image is a floating tooth, drifting — as some of the series central characters are, too. Unsettling in isolation and horrific in context, it’s just one of the many storytelling levels that this USA series has discovered for itself. “I think we felt freer to be more ab... more

'Dare Me' Review: High School Cheerleading Drama Is a Patient, Ferocious Thriller

Even before the blood starts flowing, “Dare Me” is a show dripping with the anxiety of potential danger. Its main characters are members and leaders of a high school cheerleading squad, and whenever they or one of their cohorts go flying through the air, a safe landing is never guaranteed. Watching these aerial maneuvers against a sea of psychological chaos is the contrast that not only gives this USA series its anxiety, but its artistry. It’s the kind of slow-churn vice grip you’d ... more


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